Saturday, September 26, 2015


I've been busily working on things I want done soon.  However, I try to always have a Leader/Ender project as discussed by Bonnie Hunter on her blog.  You have to scroll down beyond the talk about her book with the same name to learn about her system.  It seems to me I was using the "ender" part of the process for years before I read about it and refined my use.  I try to always have something "real" to sew between piecing my current project rather than sending a little piece of scrap fabric under the needle.  

Last year I started this project but was not enamored with its looks.  Needing something to use as a l/e without a lot of prep work I pulled this one back out.  Pretty soon I realized I needed to lay the darn thing out to be able to work on it at all. 
I'm not all that pleased with it right now.  I think it is too conflicted/busy.  So I will be making a few of the quarter square triangles out of solid fabrics to see if that will calm it down just a bit.  Photos are good to look at if you want to see if your colors are dispersed equally.  Yikes!  Way too much orange/peach in the left side.  I'll wait until I throw some of the solids in to move colors around. 

I've got several projects I need to finish before I leave on retreat next Thursday.  It will be a busy few days until then.  One thing I try to do but almost never succeed is get new PJs for retreat.  I found these PJ's at Target and thought they would be perfect for a quilting retreat.  Except, I like cotton for my pjs and these were Modal.  For those who don't know about Modal (I didn't) it is a semi-synthetic fiber.  I found them too warm and I hate tops that gap at the top.  Sadly, I returned them. I guess, once again, I'll wear my old pjs

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Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. I like the look of the quilt as is, but it never hurts to play around with color. Looking forward to seeing the updated version.

  2. The quilt is looking good to me. I've been following Bonnie Hunter quilt cam for sometimes now and love her work:).

  3. Maybe you should try the background fabric in place of the hour glass blocks? It's a nice scrap quilt which ever way you go.

  4. Shame about the pjs!

    When I look at your quilt top I see flags. Lots of flags. Hmmmmmm. Kind of neat actually, but I agree it's still hard on the eye.

  5. I usually sew the front of PJ tops so they don't gap: I slip them over my head to wear.

    My l/e projects always turn into my major project because I want to see how they look and then end up working on them full time.

  6. I like your layout! The white of the design wall calms it down quite a bit but I don't know if the white is a part of the plan or not. How about a solid red worked into the quarter square hourglass blocks? Bonnie Hunter has used red in stuff like Texas Braid and Bricks in the Barnyard as a unifying element very successfully. Good luck with it! And thanks for the head's up warning about the fiber of the cute jammies, what a fire hazard!


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