Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ooh No

Over the last few month the cursor on my laptop has randomly stopped working.  No fun because I have to shut down my computer with the start button.  I did a chat with the support team and was able to do several things in hopes of it working again.  No luck.  Monday I went to my local Apple Store and had an appointment with at the Genius Bar in hopes of having it fixed and working again.  Um, no. Instead my laptop went on a spa retreat.  WHAT??? No computer? Well, I do still have my old laptop, and IPhone, and iPad and at least one windows version laptop so I'm not completely disconnected but the issue is I LIKE that computer.  I can do things on it that I can't easily do on the iPad.  

So today's post will be short.  And pictures aren't watermarked because that software is on the laptop. 

A while ago I mentioned the book, More Quilts for Baby Easy as ABC.  I've used it for years and the pages were falling out.  So I took it down to the local office supply store and had them trim the side off and put a spiral binding on it. Neato! 
Another advantage of doing this is the book lies flat when opened. 
Hum, I may take a few more of my books in to have this done.  Do you have your well used books spiral bound? 

They say my computer will be back in a week by the weekend but I'm not holding my breath!  I'll keep you posted.  Today I'm linking up with Let's Be Social,  Another thing I can't figure out how to do on the iPad version of Blogger, embed links.  Sigh. 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 


  1. Yes, I've had a lot of my quilt books bound this way, and I love it - well worth the cost to have it done.

    I'd like to be able to prepare blog posts on my iPad, but have difficulties. I think I need a wireless keyboard.

  2. I had my Dear Jane book spiral bound when I started the class. Our teacher recommended it and it sure made life easier as I traced out the block patterns.

  3. I hate computer problems that send them to the spa. Hope yours is back home soon. I've never considered having some of my falling about books spiral bound. Thanks for the idea.

  4. What a great idea! I too love Ursula's books. I have two of them. They are great "go to" patterns. Hope your computer issues are solved. Mine are ongoing :-(


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