Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday Meanderings 1 -11 - 2016

Yep, I'm changing the name for my Monday post to Monday Meanderings.  The content will be pretty much the same -- what I've worked on this past week but I've decided to quit linking to Design Wall Monday.  I find I don't have time to spend looking at large number of posts there and I wonder if many folks are looking at my post. Also, I get frustrated trying to read blogs that are so highly monetized. Everywhere I send my cursor seems to open up an advertising link. Bleh!  Instead, I'll continue to link to several smaller linky parties run by folks who are definitely still interested in quilting.  Time to eliminate that frustration.   (If my statistics seem to go down I may reevaluate but for now that's the plan.) 

I don't have a whole lot to show for last week.  I was busy Saturday and Sunday and got no quilting done at all.  I spent a day or so fussing with Ruthie trying to get her to do something without a lot of luck.  I'll try again this week and see what happens.  Somehow I've gotten three quilts to quilt for customers in the past week.  (Remember, I'm a long arm quilter who doesn't want so many customers that I can't play with my own fabrics!) 

Here are the two hats I embroidered and made for Natalie and Sophie.  You can see the previous hats that turned out to be too small here.  Natalie agreed to give her kitty hat to her cousin Ellie.  I'll suggest to their moms to try the hats on a doll.  (I don't know who ended up with the littlest hat that should have fit Ellie.) Natalie loves her dollies but Sophie has other interests. 

Natalie's 2nd Kitty Hat
Sophie's Monster Hat
Hopefully Sophie won't remember her color choices because other than red and blue and this monster, I don't. These go in the mail today.  Hopefully they'll have them by Wednesday when it is suppose to turn really cold. 

I didn't get a whole lot done on my Goals last week.  Hum, may have spent way too much time on the Internet.

January 4, 2015
Make new embroidered hats for Sophie & Natalie√√
Pick a finished top and quilt it started
Make two hats (embroidered and sewn) Nope
Send blocks to FCQEquilter Nope
Read a novel or two

And for this week: 
January 11, 2015
Mail hats & FCQ Equilter’s block
Finish quilting rwb table runner
Make 2 fleece hats (embroidered too)
Plan small quilt top for OMG for January
Start quilting first customer quilt

That's it for today.  I'm linking up with Monday Making and Main Crush Monday. Enjoy the shows! 

Happy Quilting All!


  1. I sure know what you are saying about all ads that pop up on sites and clutter them all up--not a fan at all--
    love your hats-
    love, di

  2. I avoid blogs with ads. I don't understand why people have them: surely they don't pay that much.

    Love the new hats and the girls will, too.

  3. I'm with you on those huge linkys and too many ads! Those hats are the cutest - have you done the embroidery with one of your machines? (At first I thought it was applique but maybe not?)

  4. I've given up on certain blogs; especially when no quilting has been happening. I read a log of blogs on my iPad and it seems to take forever to load when the blog has ads. The linky things don't seem to generate much incoming traffic, at least to my blog. Cute cute hats.

  5. Those hats are adorable!!! I like the Monday Meanderings, I think you start your own Monday linky party!!

  6. I dropped the name design wall Monday from my Monday post as well. I still link up and try to read 5 to 10 posts from the party, but I don't read all her posts like I used to. I do miss her patterns, some of my most favorite quilts were made from her patterns.

    Your hats turned out very prettily. The girls will love them. Hope you get in more stitching next week.


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