Wednesday, January 6, 2016

OMG -- One Monthly Goal

Have you seen the buzz around the Internet about One Monthly Goal?  It seemed every blog I viewed this week was setting a monthly goal to finish a quilt.  (Must reread to see if it is suppose to be a UFO or can be a start to finish....)

I love this idea so I'm listing my first OMG today.  I have a small quilt started in green and peach/rust.  I know I worked on it by making one more block in the last few months.  But, it isn't all that far from a finish if I actually focused on it.   
Yea!  I could actually put my hands on this fairly quickly.  I've got 5 stars done and I was thinking of 6.  But, honestly, I'd much rather have 9 blocks total.  I have a stack of fabric ready to use or to put back in the stash. Time has come to just do it. 

My goal this month is to finish this little quilt.  I have a great space to hang my little quilts.  It would be great to get this one on that wall during January. 

Go check out OMG at Red Letter Quilts.  The linky party is open until Thursday, Jan. 7th. Come join us. And enjoy viewing folk's first monthly goal for 2016. 

Happy Quilting All!  


  1. Good luck for your finish, I love your fabric choice.

  2. What a great idea to have OMG, and yours is manageable. I love those fabrics and colors.

    It looks like the stars will finish at 4" - is that correct?

  3. Thank you for linking up Bonnie! It can be any quilty goal you want to set for yourself - a ufo finish, a flimsy finish, finishing a flimsy, setting blocks, completing blocks, or organizing your fabric if you need haha!

  4. Good luck! It is looking good already!

  5. Nice project to start the year Bonnie.

  6. Love the colors you are working with. You should definitely finish this one up. Good luck with your goal for the month.

  7. I love your stars, Bonnie..... good luck with getting your goal done (on time)!

  8. Your stars are fabulous! Love the colors!


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