Wednesday, January 13, 2016

To Border or Not to Border

Reading blogs over the last few days one blogger said she keeps a record of tops waiting to be quilted.  It reminded me of last year's UFO list because I had lumped all incomplete projects together. And forgot to list a few quilt tops waiting to be quilted.  Hence the picture above.  I hadn't even looked in this tub last year and yet I found 3 tops in there this week.  The one shown above is small and has the backing and the batting with it.  I may do a big stitch on it, or perhaps just use my Bernina to finish it.  It needs to be done! 

Along with it I found 2 other tops.  Of the three I only remembered this one. 
I made this as a sample for a talk on string quilting that I did for Faithful Circle Quilters annual show many years ago.  Time to finish this and donate it.  What do you think?  Bordered with the blue (as shown on the right?  Or unbordered as shown on the left. (Not quite fair since you can't really see the strip of fabric on the end!)  Better below? 
No border? 

Also in the bin was this quilt.  Gah... lots and lots of half square triangles.  I'm pretty sure I just automatically sewed these as leaders and enders. 
This one currently has a very dark navy border.  Do you think I should put another border on?  If so what would you recommend color/print-wise?  This isn't going to be at the top of the list of things to do but it wouldn't take long to complete it.  I also have a few charities I donate quilts to that might be able to put this one to use.  And the string quilt will probably be given to the NICU unit the guild donates to. 

These are my "bonus" quilt tops.  I would love to get them finished and out in the hands of someone who would love them.  Let me know your thoughts on these border questions.  

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Happy Quilting All! 


  1. I have a gazillion 1/2 sq tri's from the sew and flip corner deals that I have saved over the last few years. Can't bear to throw them out ya know!! This quilt is the perfect idea although my tri's are little, eventually it would get done right, LOL I really like your take on the string quilt too.

  2. I love that last one. I think it would look great with another, wider border.

  3. My vote is for no borders unless they need to be a specific size.

  4. Love both these quilts. I think I have to vote to add borders on the string quilt and the bottom one feels to me like a wider border is need so would have to vote on another border there as well.

  5. My vote is for borders on both. Though I'd go with a contrasting color for the string quilt, orange or yellow to bring those colors out in the string blocks. Love that second one, that is a lot of HSTs! I'd try a green or red print as the outer border for that one.

  6. On the blue quilt, I would leave off the border. On the zig-zag, I'd add a red border on the outside.

  7. On the blue quilt, I would leave off the border. On the zig-zag, I'd add a red border on the outside.


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