Thursday, July 21, 2016

Uh-Oh Stash Enhancement

After I saw how many boxes it took to pack up my craft (mostly quilting) supplies I thought I wouldn't succumb to any additional fabrics unless absolutely necessary, at least for a while.  But what's a deprived quilter suppose to do when all the fabrics are boxed and there are no shelves yet to unpack them onto?   SHOP!  Ok, there was a big sale involved and some emails reminding me of the big sale.  Connecting Threads had been lowering some prices on fabrics.  So, I decided to see if anything struck my fancy.  

UH OH!  There were some good sales on their basic collections.  I use a lot of fabric that looks like solid.  I carefully went over everything and finally decided on 2 fat quarters.  One had 16 fat quarters.  It worked out to $2.82 a yard.  The other had 20 and was $2.78 a yard. I took out 3 different grey and then didn't put them back for the pictures. 

I also picked up a charm pack for $1.06.  Well, I picked up 6 of the same charm packs because I want to make a "Plus" quilt. I figured 5 packs would make one plus so I purchased an extra one just in case.  If I don't add anything to these that is a quilt top for $6.36.  I can't remember how many pieces were in each pack but I figure it is a good start on the "Plus" quilt.  The colors will be great for fall. 

So, why am I adding to my stash when I haven't been able to finish much of anything recently?  I was in the mood, what can I say? I've been able to do a little sewing recently. 

It's time to go do some sewing rather than writing about it!  I'm linking up with Needle and Thread Thursday and on Friday I'll try to remember to link up with Can I have a Whoop, Whoop? 

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. it is always nice to get fabric on sale - who can pass up prices like that!

  2. I get it. And what deals anyway! Less than a cuppa and will last longer! It fed your spirit in the time of change. LEeAnna

  3. I'm always on the lookout for great deals on fabric, so I think your stash enhancement can be considered an investment. Happy Sewing

  4. I had a strange urge to go shopping while I was reading this post! Some good bargains there!

  5. You did great and showed amazing restraint to only buy a couple of FQ bundles. Can't wait to see the fun Plus quilt!

  6. The fabric has our numbers and calls our names! Great bargains, too! Happy Quilting!


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