Monday, January 8, 2018

Monday Meanderings & Thread Report

2017 was a banner year for using thread.  Yep, I keep all my spools during the year, then photograph them and count them to see how I did compared to other years.  I did great this year.  The 30 spools I used up ties with 2014 for the most spools used.  Special thanks goes to my friend Beth who comes on Tuesdays and sews with me.  If she didn't have the right color I passed her one of mine.  A win-win for sure. 
Spools Used Up

I generally don't use polyester thread when quilting but I have been using it   in the bobbin recently. It is not Dual Duty. I've been using a long arm poly thread in the bobbin.  The plastic cone broke so it won't work on the long arm any more but I can wind bobbins with it.  It's thin so it helps with the accurate quarter inch seam. For the longest time I only used cotton thread while piecing.  Early on I made a quilt that got washed a lot.  Eventually the fabric gave out because the thread was too strong for it.  That explains my fondness for cotton thread. Do you use polyester thread in your quilts? Do you have a favorite brand? 

Here is my first goal list for 2018.  I have my friends coming down from Maryland for our In House Retreat on Thursday.  Special thanks goes to the weather for cooperating with our plans.  Because next Monday is a holiday they can stay for a full day of sewing Sunday and leave Monday to drive home. We're all excited to get together. Ruthie 2 should be humming along this week too. 

January 8, 2018
Finish sweater (a UFO since the 1980s!)
Quilt FCQ charity Quilt
Cut out Alphabet Challenge pieces; start sewing
Finish piecing 2017 Rainbow Challenge top #1
Clean studio & house for In House Retreat 1/11 – 1/15 and have fun with my friends! 

That's it for today.  I'm linking up with my regular parties: Moving It Forward, Monday Making and Main Crush Monday.  It's been fun to catch up with all my favorite blogs.  Hope you take some time and look at some too. 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie


  1. Congratulations on your spool count! I counted mine last year for the first time. It was satisfying to toss each empty spool into the collection box.

  2. Welcome back to the Monday routine, Bonnie! I enjoyed seeing your Guatemala photos. The cold snap has ended, at least here in Chicagoland -- it got into the high 30's today!

  3. Yep I use the long arm thread in the bobbin, either bobbin line, so fine or premo soft. I have so much thread....hubs doesn't believe me when I run out of certain color and need more. He's the same way with screws though, different sizes, different uses. But hey good for you using up the 30 spools of thread. Haven't been blogging for a while and was surprised to read about Ruthie 2???? Did Ruthie 1 get a sister? Hope you have a great time at your retreat!

  4. Quite a bit of stitching was done to have that many empty spools..
    Glad you had a good year.

  5. Your retreat sounds like a lot of fun - I hope you get in lots of sewing and laughter! I use huge 6000 yard cones for LA and piecing, so I don't empty many spools. I think it's great that you save yours and count them each year. Maybe 2018 will be a tiebreaker year with 31 spools!

  6. That's a lot of thread! Good luck with your weekly goals. Happy stitching.


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