Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Quilts from the At-Home Retreat

Two weeks ago three friends came down from Maryland for our annual at-home retreat.  Ruthie 2 was a popular machine over the weekend.  I finished up a charity quilt that I wanted them to take back up to MD.  And they each brought quilts to long arm. 
Here's Nancy working on her quilt.  She chose Malachite pattern designed by Patricia Ritter. 

It was a lot of fun to see the design stitch out.  I bought the design when I had Ruthie and it was a little too big for her.  But it is much better on Ruthie 2 as she has more space.  Check below for the close up of the design.  It provides a lot of texture.  
Close up of Malachite pattern.

Mary Beth brought a TAPS* quilt to get it finished quickly.  (Nothing like a computerized long arm to make quilting easy!) She chose Ginger Stars by Apricot Moon.  This is one pattern that I have used over and over again. There are other "Ginger" patterns that I use a lot too.  

MB also brought this gorgeous quilt to get finished.  I believe it is a Bonnie Hunter quilt but don't know the name.  (MB -- feel free to leave a note with the name!) Her pattern choice was Easy Peasy Baptist Fan by Naomi Hines. 

After much persuading Sharon decided to quilt a TAPS quilt she had just put together. She made this quilt last year as a block of the month through A Quilting Life blog.

She chose the Ginger Stars design also.  (Sharon -- found another star pattern that I didn't have in my notebook.  Maybe your next red, white and blue quilt will be quilted with it.) 

* TAPS stands for Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors. Members of Faithful Circle Quilters have been supporting the program for several years now.  These donated quilts are given to children who attend the program in May in the DC area.  I recently heard how the children (up through the teens) enjoy receiving the quilts, dragging them around the event.  Even returning campers love getting a new one.  I've got my fabrics pulled and pattern picked out.  It will be my next new quilt, eventually.  Quilts are due by mid-May.

I have more pictures to share of projects that were being worked on... I'll try to remember to include them in another post. 

Today I'm linking up with Midweek Makers, Let's Be Social and tomorrow I'll link with Needle and Thread Thursday. I forgot to come back and link this until Saturday morning -- the link was no longer available.  Sigh.  I hope to spend some time today checking out blogs posted on these linky parties! 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 


  1. Ooh, such beautiful quilts! It's kind of you to allow your friends to use Ruthie2 to quilt their tops.

  2. The RWB Bonnie quilt is Smith Mountain Morning - and it's on my list! So much fun to let your friends quilt during the retreat!

  3. HI Bonnie, thanks for your kind words and the fabulous weekend. My quilt is indeed a Bonnie Hunter. I took her Smith Mountain Morning class in Hershey 3 or 4 years ago. I actually sewed the binding on last night and will start hand stitching tonight!

  4. What a gorgeous collection of quilts! I'm glad your friends were able to get them quilted nice and fast on Ruthie2 :)

  5. That sure looks like a lot of fun, to have a retreat with friends at home like that. I need to do that when the kids move out and I have spare beds for visitors!

  6. such a pretty quilt, and wonderful to have a home retreat with friends!

  7. You have some very talented quilter buddies. Looks like you all made lots of progress on projects. Hope you got in lots of visiting and laughs as well.


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