Monday, November 16, 2020

Monday Meandering 11 - 16 - 2020

I thought I was getting things done this past week -- but my to do list begs to differ with me.  What the heck was I doing this week? I don't really remember except I read a couple of books.  And yesterday I fought off a cold.  So I did nothing but read, sleep, and wallow yesterday.  But I did get a lot of sleep overnight and feel like the cold might be under control.  Time will tell. Wait, I do remember something else I did -- I
washed, ironed, folded, and tagged 16+ yards of fabric.   I still have a few smaller pieces to find some place to stash.  

With the thought I didn't get much done last week, I'll show you the state of my to do list from last week. 


Cut and stabilize T Shirts - 2/3rds done; share pictures auditioning sashing fabrics with customer - didn't get this part done.

Sash baby quilt; find borders and backing (either stash or store) - Sashing is done, borders picked but not sewn on yet.

Start another basket - purple - sewed a few pieces together.

Vacuum studio floor; clean off surfaces - no.  

Actually the week wasn't as much of a bust as I thought it was.  But I can do better with this week's list that repeats a lot of last week's goals.


Finish  cutting and stabilizing T Shirts - audition sashing fabrics 

Border baby quilt 

Continue purple basket 

Quilt a charity quilt for local guild

Vacuum studio floor; clean off surfaces 

Cut more Easy Breezy blocks and Snowball blocks to use as leader/enders

No pictures to share from the studio from this week's activities but I do want to share a customer's quilt I finished this month.  

Devra was using up leftover neutral fabrics.  She thought it looked blah.  I recommended a couple of quilting designs I thought it would benefit from.  She picked one and was tickled with the results. Voilá!  I look at it and think it is very sleek and sophisticated.  Hum, maybe I need to make one for myself ...? 

And the back....

Quilt made by Devra
Quilting Pattern: "Diane" from My Creative Stitches
Thread: So Fine 452

Linky Parties: Oh Scrap, Monday Making, and Design Wall Monday. How about some surfing?  You never know where you will find something that makes you want to start a new project! 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. It’s the machine quilting that brings a quilt to life. Devra’s quilt is lovely. I love the texture the quilting adds to this simple design.

  2. The weeks just seem to melt away, don't they? But the neutral quilt is lovely and comforting. The swirling quilting is just right.

  3. As long as we get a little something done each week, I'm happy! A day for resting and reading is needed sometimes. I really like your client quilt - the design and the quilting are really appealing to me!

  4. The soft neutrals of Devra’s quilt are perfect for showing off the beautiful quilting!


  5. Hi Bonnie, that quilt is no longer blah. It looks great. Good luck with your list - if I had ironed 16+ yards of fabric I would have removed that from my mind too :-) Take care.

  6. Not blah at all! Soft and soothing and sophisticated...and all because of your gorgeous quilting :)

  7. Perfect!! From tame to elegant!!


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