Sunday, November 29, 2020

Monday Meandering

It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is over and the year is barreling along to the end.  The first batch of Christmas presents I ordered arrived.  And, I have no idea about the rest!  (Ok, I have an idea or two but I haven't made up my mind about any of them.  

With the end of November I realized I needed to see what I actually said about my goal at the beginning of the month:

My Goal for November, 2020 is to prep 15 t shirts by cutting, stabilizing and beginning to sew sashing on.  

So, nope, I didn't get this one done.  I've prepped the t shirts -- they are stabilized and rough cut but I have to trim them to their exact size. And, I just ordered the fabric so I'm going to be waiting until that shows up. Didn't succeed with this goal.  The t shirt quilt will be worked on during December and we'll see how far along I get on it. 

So how did I do on the rest of my goals?  Not too bad, actually. 


Quilt 2 more charity quilts✔️✔️Here's a picture of the last charity quilt. I finished it this afternoon . (I think I'd done 1 row at this point.) 

Quilt 1 of my quilts — not even started

Order sashing fab for T shirt quilt ✔️

Finish cutting out Dalmatians quilt blocks ✔️and I sewed one block together

After sewing this one together I decided I should make piles of the 4 fabrics for each block so I keep a balance of fabrics in each block.  I'll do that this week while I'm working on other projects. This is going to be a leader ender project for a while. 

Here are the new goals: 


Quilt 1 of my quilts

Finish final cutting on t shirt quilt

Make Grands’ 2020 Ornaments 

Pick backing and quilt farm quilt 

Get back to work on purple basket 

I'll figure out my fabric usage statistics soon but I'll admit this is the first month in years that I haven't used up any of my fabric! (I only count fabric used after I finish a quilt as that helps me actually finish tops.)  Between the charity quilts and the T shirt quilt little of my sewing was for me.  I had hoped to quilt and bind a small quilt but I doubt I'll get it done Monday.  Somehow on Friday I woke up with my back out of whack.  Every day it's gotten better but it has slowed me down.  Sigh. On the other hand I finished reading several books which was good as I have several reserved books that have come in, again. 

I was happy to see my "Christmas" cactus became a Thanksgiving cactus this year. I think it mostly has to do with when I remember to fertilize it.  I'm tickled that it is still producing buds so I should have a pretty show for another week or two. It's sitting on an antique tea cart that had been my grandmothers. 

I'm linking up with my regular Linky Parties: Oh Scrap, Monday Making, Design Wall Monday, and To Do Tuesday. I'll have to link up after the rest of these are posted.  That works for me as I'm pooped out so it's time for bed. (And a little more reading.) 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. Pretty charity quilt! I love the dalmatian block, too - great color combination! Good luck moving those t-shirt blocks along, Bonnie.

  2. Your charity quilt is lovely! Love the dalmation block as well! Stay safe and have a great week!

  3. Sweet quilt, darling block, gorgeous "Christmas" cactus, Bonnie!!

  4. pretty also has to do with dark cool nights...i used to put a bag over mine to make sure it got enough dark time...pretty lofty goals there...

  5. Black/red/white: such a sharp color combination! Hope you and Pat had a nice Thanksgiving. Good luck with the goals list.

  6. You sure got a lot done, for not reaching all your goals! Your Thanksgiving cactus looks great! Half of mine died off over the summer and no sign of blossoms to come. I might have to move it to a dark place for awhile, after reading above.

  7. Sorry that your back is out of whack - that can certainly slow a person down - take care. Your Christmas cactus is a beautiful color.

  8. I'm sorry that your back kinked up! That's no fun and can really slow down the sewing. Your cactus is so pretty with its pink flowers! I see you have it on a towel to protect the tea cart. Seems like a perfect spot for a little quilt that could be stitched up quickly this month :)

  9. I'd say cut yourself some slack, Bonnie. This has been such a weird year. On the upside the blooming cactus is a success. So overall I'd say - well done!!!

  10. Good luck with your goal! Your cactus is beautiful


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