Saturday, November 14, 2020

It's a Finish!

 A new finish.  It was done a few weeks ago but pictures were finally taken last week.  And, we decided to gift it to friends of Pat's from his barbershop group.  It arrived yesterday.

It's hard to see but the fabric in the center of the stars is owls.  I am happy to report all fabric came from stash. On the other hand, this is directly related to me buying the bright green at JoAnns when not many Kona colors were available in late spring. Once I got home I started thinking about what I would do with the fabric! You can see two choices here. Below is a closeup of one of the stars. 

And the back of the quilt....
The quilting design is Fern Gully.  It has become my new favorite. I like the way that design gives texture but doesn't detract from the quilt design.  I wish I had 3 or four designs that do that.  

Many thanks to my quilt holder.  He does a great job even when I take too long. Here's his response to my request to "Turn around." 

In other happenings this week I received a USPS medium flat rate box full of novelty fabrics.  Yep, I made another purchase from Sew Its For Sale.  And it was a great one.  Here are the darker of the fabrics waiting for their spin in the washing machine. Yes, I do wash every fabric that comes in.  I love the feel of the unwashed fabrics but I figure it is wiser to wash out whatever chemicals are used in the making of the fabric before they are stored.  

It is always fun to receive mail with a variety of new to me fabrics.  (One had 1997 date on the selvedge. But it looked like something I could definitely put to use.)  I am still in the process of folding it and marking amount of fabric, cost and date acquired.  I tried matching up a couple of the pieces with fabric on hand.  I can see some more sawtooth stars like the owl quilt in my future.  It's a fast and easy quilt since I have the AccuQuilt dies for 9" stars. 

I'm linking up with Can I Get a Whoop, Whoop?, Beauties Pageant 105, and Finished or Not Fridays. I'm looking forward to see what's being worked on these days. 

Public Service Announcement:  Folks, the corona virus is rampaging across the country.  Yes, we are close to a vaccine.  But, no, we don't want to risk more people getting sick and dying. I plan on staying home over the next few many weeks.  Our family has decided to not have a family Thanksgiving dinner.  Maybe it will be a Zoom gathering.  We had thought about an outdoor meeting at a park but considering how fast the numbers are rising -- nope, I am not going to do that either. Virginia hasn't gone to lock down but that's what Pat and I plan to do pretty much. We are tired of the restrictions.  But we also don't want more people dying, so we will be hunkering down in our house. (Honestly, we've been doing that for a while as we've only been going out for groceries and a few hobby related shopping trips.)  Take care of yourselves.     

Happy Quilting All. Bonnie 


  1. Oooh, the green/turquoise combination just POPS! Your new-to-you stash has so many possibilities.....We'll be just us for Thanksgiving which is fine.

  2. The quilt design almost looks 3-D, and I love it! I’m going to stay home for Thanksgiving, too. The risks are just too great. Most of my family are in the “hoax” camp, so it makes it even more difficult.

  3. Great fabric choices. I love how the bright green makes the blues and the owl print come alive.

  4. Wise guy quilt holder and awesome quilting made for a fun photo shoot Bonnie!! Shopping, again? It looks like you are in for SEW much fun with those me fabrics;

  5. i agree about thanksgiving...will just be my daughter and me...her husband has to work...maryland numbers are ballooning...still very thankful for so many things and so much...

  6. Cute quilt! Love the colors, especially that green. You keep a lot of info about your fabrics. I just fold and stuff new fabric. I really need to go through it all and organize a bit.

  7. great finish! I really like fern gully, too...especially on QOV's!

  8. Loving the colors in this quilt! And the owl fabric is so cute!

    Totally with you on staying home.


  9. Great finish and use of the bright green. I love the texture of the Fern Gully quilting design and will have to give it a try.

  10. What a fun, bright, happy finish! That Fern Gully does make the best texture. Your official Quilt Holder and mine seem to have the same sense of humor :)

  11. Hey! Pronouns and nouns are important in this thing....."turn around" is really quite different, from "turn yourself around" or "turn the quilt around"

  12. Oh what a Happy Finish!! and new fabrics are always the best!!!


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