Saturday, November 21, 2020

What Have I Been Doing Recently?

Sorry, that isn't a rhetorical question.  Several days have gone by without doing a lot, or so it seems! The one thing I can show you is the charity quilt I just finished quilting for Virginia Star Quilters, the local Fredericksburg guild to which I belong.

The quilting design is a built in simple stipple.  I used a light green So Fine on it front and back.  The back is a overall floral design mostly in blue but with a little light green.  Surprisingly, I can hardly see the thread on the back.  And, it isn't really obvious even in the light squares on the front.  

I have two more tops to finish for them as soon as I can.  I'm hoping I'll have another one to show on Monday and later next week I can finish the 3rd one.  They hope to distribute them in early December. 

I've decided to start a new quilt. I hear you all saying, but what about the ones you just started --- such as the Cheese and Crackers quilt using your 30s fabrics?  Here's the problem with working on that one.  It needs to be laid out on the design wall which is currently filled with a commissioned T Shirt quilt.  My design wall is big but not big enough to hold both quilts!  So, a new start.  Here's the fabric pull. 

It all started with the cute dalmation fabric.  I received it as part of the novelty fabric bundle I bought on SewItsForSale.IO. You can sell and buy sewing items on it.  I'm sorry to say I tend to buy more than I sell.  (Although I have a few items I should try to sell!) The rest has been pulled from my stash.  (Oh how happy I am to use some stash!)  

The pattern I'm using is called Nest. It's available free from Martingale's blog at  It is from the book Fast and Fun First Quilts by Sara Diepersloot. You do need to log in to access it.  Don't forget to look at the other free patterns available.  The Nest block finishes at 12". Heck, there are only 3 seams in the block. Can you say fast finish? I'll be using this as my leader ender for the T Shirt quilt. 

After a couple of days of cold weather (as in freezing overnight at least one night) it has moderated and we should be in the high 60s today.  I'll be out walking the neighborhood again to take advantage of the good weather. 

I'm linking up with Finished or Not Fridays, Beauties Pageant 106, and Whoop, Whoop Friday. I'm going to spend some time to see what folks are working on.  It's amazing all the wonderful projects you see. Hum, maybe too many as I keep saving ideas for later use! Not the best idea for working through what you have but it's fun. Grab a cuppa and relax while you surf. 

 Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. Is the Dalmatian fabric boing to be the border? It sure is cute. I guess I need to check out SewItsFor Sale.

  2. The top quilt is really pretty! I love those bright, happy colors. I've found that light green thread can really blend into a lot of different colors. Yellow thread, too. They are almost neutrals :)

  3. The design will compliment your chosen fabrics. Looking forward to seeing the end product.

  4. You always need a new quilt - haha! Love the fabric pull!! it will be great!

  5. Such bright and cheerful colors! Sometimes a new project is just what you need to inspire more finishes. (Counterintuitive but true.)


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