Sunday, January 10, 2021

Monday Meandering 1 - 11 - 2021

It has been an unprecedented week.  Like many, I was watching what was unfolding an hour north of where I live. But in the end, I was and am shocked to see fellow Americans who rioted and broke into the U.S. Capitol. January 20th can not come fast enough for me.  I pray that Mr. Trump doesn't create anymore chaos. 

Back to my quilting life. Here's my to do list from last week.


Cut 10 more Glorified 9 patch blocks; sew together✔️ all cut out, more than half sewn. 

Begin cutting Ohio Stars R, W, B quilt On hold until this week

Quilt something on Long Arm ✔️ customer quilt finished and returned.

Continue hand quilting on Christmas Quilt✔️ It's going to take quite a few more weeks.

This week I'm going to be working on. . . 


Finish Glorified 9 patches

Continue hand quilting on Christmas Quilt

Begin cutting Ohio Stars R, W, B quilt 

Finish Cheese and Cracker top 

Cheese and Crackers is a pattern by Atkinson Designs.  Years ago I decided I'd use it for my Thirties fabrics.  Several months ago I cut out and sewed all the blocks and the units needed for the border.  This is as far as I got because I ran out of the background fabric, Kona Snow.  Luckily, my local JoAnn Store had a yard of it left. This picture makes the fabrics look dull.  (I sure hope the whole thing perks up as I finish it.)  If I can, I plan to get the borders on and then finish sewing the units of the border together.  (The lines are a flannel fabric behind the quilt.  I'm surprised how much they show through.) 

In between what I was working on I did get a few odd blocks done.  Here's a bright Easy Breezy block. Once I get my design wall cleared off again I'll take my collection of Easy Breezy blocks out and see how they look.  

Check out these that I link to each Monday. Oh ScrapMonday Making, and Design Wall Monday. Tuesday I will post on To Do Tuesday. 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. Cheese & Crackers looks like an interesting quilt. Are all your easy breezy blocks green & red? Your blocks looks very Christmasy, happy stitching!

  2. i like the glorified 9p blocks very much....should be a beauty when done!

  3. Oh you have fun projects! I love the cheese and crackers - I bet once you border it - it will really perk up!

  4. Snappy prints in the Easy Breezy block! At first the G9Ps looked like little submarines....

  5. Lots of great color and pattern on your design wall. I've got about 50 of the Easy Breezy blocks made, they are so fun and triangle-free :) DT thrives on any attention towards him, negative or not. Horrible awful scenes.

  6. I'm looking at your glorified 9 patches trying to figure out what that is going to look like. I hope you post it soon! I love the cheese and crackers quilt. Those fabrics are perfect for it.

  7. The Cheese and Crackers blocks are fun. Glad you found the Kona Snow fabric.

  8. I like cheese and crackers :-) All we need is a glass of wine and life is perfect. Wishing you loads of sewing and a creative weekend.

  9. Love that easy breezy block ! Hang in there , things will improve!

  10. January has not been boring that's for sure. Hope you've made really good progress on your to do list. Love the bright red and green in your Easy Breezy block.


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