Friday, March 12, 2021

Decisions -- What Looks Best?

I've been working on a UFO for the last few days. (Well, not all that much work as I've read at least 3 books so far the week...) 

A little back story.  As many of you know I'm part of a group of quilters who used to belong to Faithful Circle Quilters in Columbia, Maryland.  As we moved away we became a block making group.  Every other month a member tells us which block she'd like us to use and what colors.  We then make blocks (and sometimes we go crazy!) and send them off to the member.  Several turns ago I asked for Chunky Churn Dashes from Bonnie Hunter's pattern. I've made at least one quilt ages ago and now I'll get two quilts out of the blocks I currently have.  I broke my blocks into two groups -- one with cutesy fabric and the other with more adult fabric. 

Over the last few days I've made a bunch of 9 patches thinking they would be a great way to bring the cutesy blocks up to a decent size.  What do you think? 

Unfortunately, I wasn't really happy with how this looked. I was really happy that I could use fabrics I already had for these 9 patches but I just think it is too busy. (Hum, this is getting to be a theme of mine...) 

So I found 4 different solids to see if anything was better. So here's what I came up with. Upper left is Kona Snow, upper right is Kona White, lower left is Kona Lake (I think) and bottom right is an unnamed yellow.  I wasn't excite by either Snow or White. I thought the blue and yellow were fine. Do you have a favorite?  I have enough of each fabric to cut 6.5" squares to put between the Chunky Churn Dashes. Let me know which you like best. 

Then I decided I would take a quick look at what I could do with 21 green and white 9 patches.  Oh yes, I did find a couple of fabrics I had enough to cut 6.5" squares to go with the 9 patches. Right now I'm leaning toward the bottom floral print but possibly using the hot pink as a border.  I don't have much of the elephant print but they would look cute with the 9 patches too.  I have a little bit of the green and the white left so I might be able to make more of  the 9 patches and cut the elephants to set a smaller quilt. (I might need to hunt up a border to get these up to 36" square or so.) 

By the way, this whole effort has been off my goal list. (OOPS!) Tomorrow and Sunday I need to get some progress made on that! 

I'm linking up with My Quilt Infatuation, Confessions of a Fabric Addict, Alycia Quilts, and From Bolt To Beauty.  Join me in some blog surfing.   

Remember Daylight Savings Time starts Saturday, 3/13! 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 

Small rant -- blogger... please make the print the size I request.  Don't make it bigger or smaller.  I always check the font size  1) when I preview the post and 2) when go back to the post after checking the preview.  I can't believe how often the font size goes up or down from what I marked.  


  1. I like your Chunky Churn Dashes offset with a solid like the blue or yellow. The 9 patches are so pretty in the green and white - they can star in their own show!

  2. I like how the blue and yellow make big 9 patches with the churn dash blocks. Keep it going with more pastel squares.

  3. My favorite is the pastel blue to use with the chunky churn dashes. Any of those prints would look great with the 9 patches. My favorite is the elephants, that would be a fun baby quilt.

  4. I agree with the blue or yellow. Love the floral you show with the nine patches. The hot pink and floral in any combination will be great.

  5. I like the blue with the chunky churn dash blocks. The elephant fabric is my favorite with the nine patches. I would just add these projects to my goal list!

  6. I like "busy" so I like the nine-patches!

  7. I love the yellow, Bonnie!!! It's so sunny for the springtime! And the elephants would be adorable!!!

  8. IMHO, I think either the blue or yellow solids look best with the Chunky Churn Dash. The yellow is making me think Spring.....


  9. Busy can be fun, depending on the quilt's intended purpose, Bonnie. Blue or yellow both work and is a matter of personal preference. LOVE the extra blocks with the elephants AND the flowers! Again, the choice should match the purpose. Good luck with making those design decisions!

  10. I am sure you have already made a decision - but I like the blue! what a fun quilt this will be!!!


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