Sunday, November 28, 2021

Monday Meanderings 11 - 29 - 2021

We had a great time on Thanksgiving.  It was wonderful to be inside, chatting and eating with the family.  The grands had a blast playing with each other. Now it's full steam ahead for Christmas.  I've already purchased (or made) quite a few Christmas presents so I feel ahead of the game. 

I still plan to make quilting progress even if Christmas prep take up some time.  Let's look at last week's goals.  


Make doll dress -- finished and given to Ellie

Trim and bind Dino quilt -- done! 

Quilt small quilt of mine -- started, but I didn't like the design or thread I chose so I'm starting over on it.

Keep making string blocks -- another 6 or so are done 

Embroider last t shirt for the grands -- done and given away. 

Finish clearing off right side of design wall -- didn't touch it! 

I'm repeating some items and adding a couple new ones for this week's goals.  


Quilt and Bind small quilt of mine

Clear off design wall 

Finish blocks for Ombre log cabin 

Start new quilt 

Keep making string blocks 

Here are the last two Christmas shirts for the grands. 

This design is part of the Elegant Christmas 1 set from Designs by Juju.  There is a great sale on until Wed, 12/1 if you are looking for some new machine embroidery designs. 

This design is called Naughty and They Gnome It by Urban Threads. Another good sale is going on -- 60% off site wide until Tuesday, 11/30. This looks like a dense design but it really isn't.  

In case you are wondering, no, I don't get anything from sharing these sites.  I just like the designs I chose and wanted you to know where to find them in case you want to use them too! 

We didn't celebrate two of our grand's birthdays when they happened. So we brought our gifts over Thanksgiving day.  Here's the dress and purse I made for Ellie's AG doll.  I used the same fabric as the dress I made for Ellie this summer.

I'm pretty sure her favorite present was the doll table and chairs Pat made for her.  (hum, she's wearing her Christmas t shirt too.) 

Hopefully next week I'll have some more quilty things to share.  I've finished a quilt or two that I haven't shown yet since I've been skipping my normal weekend post. 

I'm linking up with my favorite early week linky parties. 

Are you a fan of the Outlander books?  A new one (Go Tell the Bees I Have Gone)  came out last Tuesday.  Surprise, surprise -- I reserved the audio book and I got it first.  Down side?  Um, it's 49hr and 27 minutes on Overdrive. (And 49:51 as an MP3.) There are 155 chapters, and I'm at 9.  EEEK! I had it on most of the day once I was in the studio.  It's grabbed my interest from the beginning.  Now to make sure I get it finished before it is due. The back up plan is I have the book on reserve too.

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. You made good progress for a week with a family celebration in it too. The grands shirts are really cute. That doll table with chairs is really cool, but that dress is sweet too. Good luck with your list this week. Happy stitching!

  2. I love the little doll table! I hope my granddaughter loves dolls, she is only 5 months now. And you dress to match your GD dress, adorable!!!

  3. Sounds as though all the Stapletons had a great Thanksgiving! Does Davina Porter still narrate Outlander? (I've lost track.)

  4. Happy Birthday to the grands! The doll outfit and furniture surely made your grand’s day special.

  5. Yay for Grands!!! those shirts are cute!!

  6. Who knit the cute sweater and cap? Looks like some super fun things you made for this sweet one!

  7. how are you coming along listening to the book? I have the kindle version and I'm about 3/4's through reading it now - it says something 950 pages :)

  8. That purse and dress are just adorable! And so is Ellie. :) The embroidery designs are gorgeous!

  9. Such a cute dress and a matching purse too!!! I am sure she will love it. Looking forward to your quilty finishes :-)

  10. The Gnome embroidery is adorable! Your granddaughter does look happy with her new doll table, and your dress outfit is a cute one. Sounds like you must be enjoying time in the studio - books and projects!


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