Sunday, November 7, 2021

Monday Meanderings 11 - 8 - 2021

Last week I was busy with non quilting stuff. We went down to the beach house to check on it and make some repairs. Although I did check off all my goals some were only partial completions. 


Make the rest of the turquoise blocks; sew into top — more made but not all

Finish quilting Dinosaur quilt 

Sash the 16 patch stars — first step sashing done — see pic below

Make some string blocks 

Do a bit of shopping  I hit a small outlet mall

Here's one row of the 16 patch stars with the start of sashing. I’ll be working on the long sashing pieces next. Then I’ll either find a border or possibly use the blue as a small border.


Enjoy sewing with Sharon

Finish sashing 16 patch stars

Border glorified 9 patch and friendship stars. See picture below. 

Finish all the turquoise blocks and sew together

Sew some string blocks

Sew more ombré log cabin blocks 

Two fun tops — Glorified 9 Patch and Friendship Stars. Yes I’m planning on using the same border fabric for both of these tops.  Why not, it looks terrific with both of them. 

I’ll be sewing with Sharon until Thursday morning when I’ll head home.  I  have several tops ready to be quilted. I wonder if I should have listed quilting a top or two?

This is short as I’m writing it on my IPad and it is very clunky compared to my laptop.  

Up next are my normal linky parties .

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Enjoy your surfing!

HappyQuilting All! Bonnie


  1. Have wonderful week sewing with Sharon! Is your glorified 9P using Sew Kind of Wonderful ruler?

  2. Both flimsies are so bright and cheerful! The border fabric is just right.

  3. P.S. Is the beach house winterized? Or three-seasonized?

    1. Nann, interesting question. It's in a year round development. It could probably use more insulation... but this visit, I replaced 8 more window sashes, and only have a few more to do, to replace all the windows in the house. The house is managed by Village Realty, and the website for it is: We completely replaced the living room furniture this trip too.... really looking like a beach house now! (Bonnie's husband Pat. :-) )

  4. Enjoy your quilting retreat with Sharon!

  5. Progress is better than none (that's my new motto now). You did well to do at least a bit on everything on your to do list. Your Glorified 9 patch and Friendship Stars are so fun and colorful. Hopefully you've made good progress on all your projects this week.


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