Saturday, November 6, 2021

Friday Finish

I’ve been trying to finish some smaller tops, especially at the end of the month when I need to show more finishes so I can count the fabric in my stashbusting statistics.  Here's the latest.

Some of blocks were from my FCQ E Quilter turn many years ago.  I made more blocks and added the plain yellow blocks to make it into a reasonable size. I really like this chunky churn dash block.  I tend to make each block as if it were a little quilt.  I coordinate the fabrics and often put something cute in the center. I used my favorite Fern Gully quilting design on it.  I like how it gives texture but doesn’t really conflict with the quilt. 

Here’s the back. You can really see the texture that Fern Gully makes. 

Hindsight says I should have put the extra solid fabric on the bottom since  I didn’t have quite enough of the tree fabric.  I’m tickled to be finished with this little lap quilt.  I’ll donate to Virginia Star quilt guild. My guess is it will go to seniors.  Hum, interesting concept of  a senior making a quilt for a senior.  

I’ve been working on a bunch of different projects over the last few days.  It means a lot is getting done but not any finishes yet.  Hopefully I’ll have something to show on my next blog.

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Have fun surfing the Internet. There are so many wonderful blogs with lots of great ideas. 

Happy quilting all. Bonnie


  1. Nice job! I like the chunky churn dash blocks: they made a great quilt with a lot of interest. I also like the texture the quilting added.

  2. What a pretty, cheerful quilt - I love the "each block is a little quilt" idea. The Fern Gully quilting is gorgeous! Really nice finish Bonnie. I hope a senior gets it - they will really love it. :)

  3. cute bonnie....a quilt using yellow background is on my'll be a small one but it's a color i hardly use and need to rectify that

  4. Those finishes always thrill us don't they;) Have a productive week Bonnie!

  5. Well done! And this pretty quilt surely will delight the recipient. Oh I love the pieced back too that makes the quilt reversible

  6. I like the chunky churn dash blocks withe alternating solid. Way better than mine. I’ll remember that in the future! Well done!


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