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Are you participating in Hands2Help 2022?  Are you looking for places to donate that aren't on the other side of the country from you?  I had asked Sarah last year to look into having one or two of the wonderful charities on the East Coast included on her list.  I found 2 and checked them out and passed on the info to Sarah.  Unfortunately, she was unable to run Hands 2 Help this year so no new locations were added. But the wonderful Mari at Academic Quilter took over for Sarah. You can still sign up to participate in Hands2Help by visiting The Academic Quilter. General information is available here

Since I had checked them out, I wanted to let you know about one of them, Cool Kids Campaign in North Carolina.  "Our mission is devoted to improving the quality of life for pediatric oncology patients, survivors and their families by focusing on the academic, social and emotional needs brought on by a cancer diagnosis." They serve pediatric oncology patients in North Carolina and part of South Carolina.  

They would be thrilled to receive quilts to pass on to their patients. The hospitals they work with serve patients from babies through 18 years of age. (Some hospitals continue to treat patients through the age 21.)  They would love quilts from baby size to twin bed size. Do you have some kids quilts you would like to give to a good cause?  This may be a perfect fit. Or a perfect reason to use some of that cute kid fabric you have in your stash.

Does this sound like a cause you would love to support with quilts?  Please check out their web page at Cool Kids Campaign.  This is the website for both the NC Clubhouse and the Maryland Clubhouse. My guild and other guilds in Maryland do a fantastic job of providing quilts for them so let's send our quilts to NC Cool Kids Clubhouse. 

Do you have some ready to send right now?  Here's the mailing info.  Please let them know you are supporting them through Hands2Help. (And head back to to fill out the form at the end of the H2H to help count how many quilts have been given and to whom.   I'd love to see some that you send so I can share them with my readers too. Please send me a note and a picture it you want to.  Here's the address and contact.

Carrie Johnson 
Cool Kids Clubhouse, 
9601 Holly Point Drive, 
Suite 102, 
Huntersville, NC 28078.

Cool Kids Campaign Logo

Did you notice I said I had checked out two locations?  The other one I had looked at has closed.  Now I'm working with International Women's Democracy Center's Welcome Refugees program to find locations where we could send quilts. I hope to have information on that in the next week or so.  I'll publish the information when I find out who can get quilts to refugees. I know Afghanistan refugees are being settled in the Mid-Atlantic area. 

I hope you will join me in supporting Cool Kids and refugee group once I find the contact information. 

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  1. Thanks for promoting Hands 2 Help, Bonnie! I love the choice of the Cool Kids Campaign. It seems like they would be a great place to support with a few special quilts. My sister in law's grandson had Wilm's Tumor and received terrific care. Pediatric oncology people are special people.

  2. Hi Bonnie, thank you for providing an option on the East coast. I'm in SC so I'll definitely check them out and send a few quilts their way for H2H :-D

  3. that is good to hear of more places to donate I'm sure that was a big help to those organizing. Any idea how Sarah is doing I haven't seen any updates

  4. Bonnie, thank you so much for sharing all of this information. I have quilts to donate! I'll see what categories will suit. (I don't have much "kid" fabric so I don't make many kid-quilts.)

    1. I like to go with the idea that bold colors and designs grab kid's attention even more than the cutesy pastel pap. I'm stockpiling donation links for the time I'm back home and quilting again.

  5. Thanks, Bonnie! I'll send the quilt I made for Jack's Basket to Cool Kids instead. It's perfect for a baby.


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