Sunday, April 24, 2022

Monday Meanderings 4 - 25 - 2022

Do you realize we are almost finished with April?  Next week May will be here and then summer will come floating in.  I bring this up because I still haven't mentioned my March fabric use (or acquisition) numbers.  I figured them out, so here they are. Please take note of that nice "0" in the Fabric In category.  I was very good in March on not buying any fabric.  I might have a good April if I can get a couple more finishes this month.  


Fabric In Month

Fabric In Year

Fabric Out 


Fabric Out Year


In or Out Year



















Mondays are my day for looking at goals from last week and looking ahead to the coming week.  Last week was all successes. 


✅ Finish Secret project - Quilted & bound. Synergy was shared here.

✅ Quilt one of my quilts -  I counted Synergy as mine. 

✅ Border Stop Tossing Mystery - I'm calling it done. See below 

✅ Cut and sew strips for improv top - All ready to sew strips together.

✅ Finish Sherri’s BOM - April block is done. 

Cut fabrics for and attend Debby Kratovil class - Lots of fun, lots still to do! 

Here's Stop Tossing Mystery -- I am very pleased with it. It was suppose to have another border using the background fabric.  I'm not a fan of white outer borders so I've stopped at the inner border. I may eventually add a border but I'm letting it retire to the closet for now. (Unless I can find a backing fabric in my stash which isn't likely.) Thanks to Alycia at Alycia Quilts for running this on Mystery Quilts 4 Military.  I'm not sure where I'll be donating it but it will go to a good cause. 

Here's what I'm hoping to get done next week.  It's a long list but I'm expecting all projects will show forward movement. 


Quilt & Bind 2 Rainbow Scrap Challenges top

Make a couple of dog toys 

Make 3 RSC blocks in pink

Finish improve top

Work on Pyramid class project 

EEK!  That seems like a lot.  My plan is to load the RSC tops one after another on the backing fabric. Hopeful I'll get both bound before the end of the month.  I'd love to USE more fabric than I bring in this month.  

After the photo shoot for Synergy, Pat and I stopped for lunch at The Snack Shop near the Court House in Spotsylvania County. OH MY GOODNESS.  We had the best handmade milkshakes we've had in years.  Oh yea, we also had two very good sandwiches. We'll be back for some milkshakes. It was a beautiful day to eat outside too.  

Pat waiting for our order. It was busy but I tried to avoid the other customers waiting.

That's it for me today.  I'll be linking up with: 

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I sure hope you spend some time blog hopping to see what people are up to these days.  (I'll be linking up as the links become available.) 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. The Stop Tossing quilt looks great. I saved the clues, but I haven’t made the quilt yet. It’s fun to discover out of the way places to eat. I discovered a food truck this week that had great BBQ.

  2. Beautiful quilt top, pretty color combo. Well done with your stats!

  3. Well done and the mystery quilt looks great! Now I am craving for a milkshake, haven't had one for ages.


  4. yes indeed it is moving along too fast....i've kept the fabric buying down to 8 yards total this year with 11 yards completely done, more in the works so heading in the right direction....

  5. Yes where has the first part of this year gone!! You did have a good week. No doubt you can accomplish them all for this week too:)

  6. Hi Bonnie - I LOVE Stop Tossing! The Snack Shop sounds wonderful. Nothing quite like a handmade shake.
    Thanking you ahead of time for linking with To Do Tuesday!

  7. It is fun to find a small sandwich shop with good milkshakes - I can do without the milkshakes but I love a good sandwich.

  8. I really like your color combo on the Stop Tossing!!!

  9. The purple/yellow combo reminds me of pansies. Handmade milkshake -- YUM.

  10. I rarely feel like months go by quickly but I must say that this year is galloping by. It will be hardly any time before the pool is open.
    I was also reminded of pansies with the yellow and purple blocks. Beautiful.

  11. Your Stop Tossing top is so pretty, Bonnie! Love the bright green border with all that purple. Lunch at the Shake place sounds fun and yummy, too!

  12. Had a peek at your Synergy quilt - love it and really like how you quilted it. The Stop Tossing top is gorgeous. Well done.

  13. It seems we're all a little caught off-guard by May! Good luck with your aggressive list of to-do's! I'm usually a fan of shooting for more rather than less! The quilt looks good as is but a purple one would look good if you want it bigger, that is?


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