Sunday, August 7, 2022

Monday Meanderings 8 - 8 - 2022

I got a lot done this week, mostly on Sunday. The rest of the week I did little bits of sewing and a very small bit of cleaning up my cutting table.  But, I spent more time reading and/or listening to books.  Overall it was a good week.  First up, how did I do on my goals last week? 


✅Start center block for Halloween quilt - traced design, need to buy a background. 

✅Make more blocks for August UFO - blocks sewn in rows. Border fabric a possibility.

✅Start Melodic Mystery -  All cut out 

✅Bind Picnic Time - finished and hanging in the living room

Work on grand’s Christmas ornaments - second one started while I figure out how to finish first one. 

I was very happy with all that I accomplished last week.  Here's what's up for this week.


Finish new charity quilt to top stage

Sew August UFO together, add borders, figure out backing

Make August BOM from A Quilting Life & RSC blocks

Quilt one of my quilts 

Work on grand’s Christmas ornaments

Here's my version of a small wall hanging called Picnic Time. I added the border on the left and the bottom to make it a little bigger than just pinwheels and watermelon. I haven't added the seeds in the watermelon nor the antennae for the lady bug.  (Truth -- I may never add them.  I used a fusible adhesive and I think it would be difficult to add the hand embroidered seeds. I might try a black Pigma for the antennae.)  It's hanging on a small holder between a window and a French door in the great room.  

I spent a bit of time trying to decide how I wanted to put the August UFO Challenge blocks together.  My ideas were: 
Layout 1 -- I made an additional block after I realized I was one short.

Layout 2 -- basic furrows. 

And finally the layout I decided on.  It's furrows but 5 across and 7 down. 
The blocks are already sewn in rows.  The "borders" are actually the same fabrics but the light was better on the left side. There's pinky purple in some of the blocks too. 

This quilt is planned for donation to my local guild.  I believe they donate quilts to seniors and look for about 35 x 44". This will come close to that size.  And, if I can keep the width under 40 inches or so one width of fabric will work for the back. 

After I got this UFO Challenge quilt to rows stage, I gave myself permission to start a new quilt.  I have had these fabrics pulled for several months but was so busy trying to keep up with my monthly UFO challenge that I didn't try to figure this out.
I came up with a variation of Happy Blocks. (You can find the basic pattern at Mary Quilts.) Ha! I didn't come up with this at all.  It's exactly like Mary's directions.  I just made it smaller. By the end of the day I had made 4 blocks. Yes, it is really that easy. 

I also finished my fabric usage stats - stash busting July month. Not a bad month.  I did go a little bit wild buying fabrics but I also finished a large quilt, a small quilt and gave a bunch of blocks to Virginia Star Quilters. So, I'm still using more fabric than acquiring this year.  We'll see how it goes for August. I want to buy a couple of wide backs.... 


Fabric In Month

Fabric In Year

Fabric Out 


Fabric Out Year


In or Out Year







Time to link up to some great Linky parties. Take some time to check out what quilters are working on these days through these links.  

That's it for me tonight.  

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. if the wall quilt were mine i'd find some tiny shiny black is cute indeed!

  2. I like your newly started quilt for the ease and simplicity. I think I have one of those started too:0 I bet the black pigma pen would do the seeds also. Have a great week Bonnie!

  3. I would use the pigma pen - easier but make sure you know where you want them first!

  4. The wall hanging is so cute - I really like the borders you added.
    Your challenge blocks are so pretty - that will make someone feel very special!

  5. I agree with Grace -- buttons would work well as seeds and even as the ends of the antennae. The furrows setting has great energy (and beautiful blue fabrics).

  6. Love the borders on the wall hanging. I agree on the buttons for seeds or maybe even some small vintage, orphaned snaps or even beads.

  7. You have had a very busy week and it looks like you are geared for another one, Bonnie. Christmas time will be here in a blink of an eye so great idea on getting the ornaments completed. Love your Picnic Time quilt. So summery. Looking forward to seeing how you arrange your UFO blocks. Happy quilting.

  8. You are doing so much better than I am on the fabric in/out. It has been a record year for sure...and we have months to go yet! LOL. I'm too lazy to do embroidery (tho I do like it) so I think I'd be just machine quilting on some black antennae myself. Probs the only way I'd get it done...unless I got frustrated and just drew them in with fabric markers (and that wouldn't be good! LOL). It's a cute little quilt. Give that bug some love and then you'll be all done!

  9. The border you added on Picnic Time is genius - it looks so good! I like the fabrics you've chosen for your happy quilt, looks like fun. That's a neat layout you landed on for your challenge blocks - pretty blues!
    Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!

  10. Picnic Time is cute! And I love the colors for your new quilt, too. It's always fun to start something new!


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