Sunday, August 21, 2022

Monday Meanderings 8 - 22 - 2022

Recently we've had a reprieve from the super hot weather -- ie temperatures over 90 and high humidity day after day. Now the days have been in the low 80s during the day and high 60s at night.  The reprieve feels great. I'd like to say I've been busy working in the studio but I have to admit to reading quite a bit along with going out into the world some.  But I did have some quality time in the studio. 

Here's what I got done on my goals last week. 


✅Quilt charity top for guild — turned in Wednesday 

✅Make August BOM from A Quilting Life — done

✅Quilt one of my quilts — done

✅Make a list of all finished tops and figure out backing sizes for them — list done but not the backing sizes needed

Continue to clean off front of cutting table — didn’t do much on this one Begin challenge piece inspired by a card — pulled supplies   

This quilt was made by Linda a member of Virginia Star Quilters.  She used a panel and the "leftovers" from a quilt class with Debbie Kratovil.  It was a cool class that showed us how to make one top (see mine here.) And used the leftovers to make another little quilt.  Take a look at Debby's class info here. (Scroll down to Pyramids and Jewels.)  Linda used the 2nd pieces in the corners and some of the pyramid shapes in the  border. I thought it was brilliant.  I quilted a basic stipple over it so as not to detract from the piecing. It will be donated to a veteran 

And here is my August block from Sherri McConnel's Quilt Block of the Month. 

What's up for this week? 


Bind August UFO Challenge Quilt

Continue working on challenge piece inspired by a card

Quilt top from quilt guild

Make a few Picket Star Quilt blocks (Here are the directions for the block.) 

I received these blocks from the FCQ Equilter last year.  I decided it was time to get some of these blocks together as I will be receiving new blocks between now and the end of September. I haven't decided if I'm going to add another row to make this rectangle or not.  The blocks are 17" finished.  I'm also thinking of taking the 3 pink blocks out and replacing them with some turquoise to make it gender neutral.  I'll be donating the two quilts (or at least one of them...)  

Here are my Monday Linky parties.  Please enjoy some surfing to see what quilters are doing across the Internet. 

Have you read about splooting?  It's a thing according to the Washington Post and Twitter.  Follow the right ear of the pig up and you'll see a squirrel splooting on a rock in our garden.  He comes from the forest across the street and eats the sunflower seeds that the birds drop from the feeder.  He stuffed himself in the sun and then he splooted.  He stayed there for 15 to 20 minutes.  He's been back eating the sunflower seed that spills out but we haven't seen him splooting again.  It turns out a lot of animals sploot. Our cocker spaniel used to lay out flat with his legs behind him too.  Apparently, laying out flat with legs behind helps animals cool down. According to a lexiographer from the Oxford English Dictionary splooting hasn't been added to the dictionary yet but they are keeping track of it. 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 


  1. we have had the same type of weather here but a little rain too - finally the hot, hot weather is gone

  2. We have had better weather here the past couple weeks too, especially yesterday. Love the patriotic quilt. As long as you enjoyed your week and made a little progress it is a win win in my book;)

  3. I haven't heard the term "splooting," before but see the squirrels and wild rabbits in our yard do it all the time! Interesting word! That's a beautiful patriotic quilt - so great that you could quilt it for her.

  4. Splooting?! Now, that’s a word I’ve never heard although I’ve seen a few animals doing it. The veteran’s quilt is beautiful.

  5. Your picket stars blocks look terrific, Bonnie -- and now I'm dying to tell people, when they ask me what I've been up to lately, "Oh you know, I've just been splooting around, trying to keep cool..." Hah!

  6. the patriotic quilt is beautiful and turtles often 'splot' too

  7. oh you've been so busy! I really need to start a list like yours, that will keep me moving forward. Love your star block!

  8. Good job with your weekly goals. I've been struggling with mine. I have way too many distractions right now, it's been hard to settle in and sew all day.

  9. Oh, the QOV -- specifically the corner blocks! Elongated churn dashes are a great way to enclose traditional blocks.

  10. Ha--guess that's my new word for the day! That weather sounds glorious! (We're not too far off I guess but low 90's just isn't the same!). Good luck on your to-do's!

  11. I like your August block, it's like a churn dash with flying geese, two of my favorite things in quilting. That QOV is gorgeous, have fun quilting it. I hadn't seen the word "splooting" but my Jack the cat does it often!
    Thank you for joining with us at To Do Tuesday!

  12. I didn't know it was called splooting, but our squirrels do it on our deck rail now and then. What a pretty QOV quilt, and I love those picket blocks!


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