Monday, November 28, 2022

Monday Meanderings 11 - 28 - 2022

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our daughter and her family.  We missed our son and his family as they were visiting his in-laws.  (He might have wanted to stay home when it took over 9 hours to make a 6 hour drive!) I'm glad we stayed home and hosted. 

I did pretty well on my goals this past week.  Although I did have to make some changes. Here's the list: 


✅Border r,w,b quilt - done

✅Quilt and bind r,w,b quilt - backing too small, switched to different quilt. Quilting done on Economy top instead. 

✅Keep working on next ornament — changing my mind on the turtle.  May do 2 sharks if I can find enough wool for the second one. 

✅Enjoy Thanksgiving — great time and good food.

Finish trimming clue 4✅ and sewing and trimming the rest of Clue 5 — Clue 4 is done, Clue 5 has about 30 of 72 done… sigh.

Work on Halloween quilt as time permits — a very little bit was done but not much. 

Here's what's up this week. 


Bind Economy quilt

Finish Clue 5 of Melodic Mystery 

Keep working on ornaments

Work on Halloween Quilt if time permits

Pull out Dec. APQ UFO Challenge piece and decide what to do 

Now for some pictures -- first up is Ruthie quilting away on the Economy top.  I'm happy to report I finished it yesterday afternoon.  Now on to binding it before the end of the month.

Here's the r,w,b quilt I had to put aside because the backing wasn't big enough. (Funny, I measured carefully but I guess I forgot I added the borders.) I haven't decided what I'll do for backing for it.  But it will be done one of these days.  It was a great way to use 2.5" squares.  

Do you get Connecting Threads' emails about their Stash and Save special everyday?   I do and boy howdy, in a way I wish I didn't.  I tend to stop what I'm doing and check it when the notice comes in. I really don't need more fabric but, um, er... I fell in love with this fabric grouping at a ridiculously good price.  This is Faux Linen Tonals Gilded Age fat quarters. I love it. I even have a plan for it. I recently purchased the Maple Leaf die from Accuquilt. You can see where I'm heading, right? Yep, there is a maple leaf quilt in my future. (Probably after Christmas depending on what else I decide to do in December.) I'm thinking I'll pick a beige or light tan for the background, hopefully one that is already in my stash. (No, I do not get compensated for my mentioning these two retailers. I just like them....) 

I think I've shared enough wonderfulness for today.  I'm linking up with these parties today. Please take a few minutes to visit them and follow the links to be inspired by quilters across the globe. 

I caught the sun hitting these trees as we left to work out.  

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. All the trees here are bare (and I hear the leaf-collection truck in the neighborhood). I've deleted, deleted, deleted all the Black Friday-through-Cyber Monday sales emails! Glad you had a pleasant Thanksgiving.

  2. What pretty trees!
    and your RWB is beautiful!!!

  3. Love the RWB quilt. I like to make Mary’s off-center four patch backing when I don’t have enough of one backing fabric. Snow on the ground today and more expected tonight and tomorrow.

  4. the trees are really turning colors fast now aren't they - here too. Glad you enjoyed your family time. I am controlling myself with the sales

  5. I love the offset design of your RWB top. Yes Connecting threads pops into my email box every day. I bought one of the jelly rolls for a good price a couple months ago, the lavender fields faux linen just because they were so pretty my hands wouldn't stay off the keyboard, LOL

  6. Great quilt! What’s the pattern name?

  7. Glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. The peek at Economy is lovely, yay on the quilting finish - and the r,w,b quilt is so pretty. That FQ bundle is gorgeous, it will make a beautiful quilt. I love that shot of the colorful trees. Thank you for sharing all your "wonderfulness" with To Do Tuesday! :)


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