Sunday, November 20, 2022

Monday Meanderings -- November 21, 2022

Did you have a great week last week?  I felt like I made some very good progress.  Today I'll share my goals for last week and this coming week along with my fabric use statistics for October. (I didn't realize I hadn't figured them or share them until I was talking with my daughter today.)

It was a pretty good week for making forward progress on my projects. I love seeing all those check marks.  I didn't get everything on each item done but I definitely made progress. I'm particularly happy with the ornament progress.  I was almost done with one 1. Now 2 are done, one has had good progress, and the last one is ready to be cut out. Not a bad week for sure. 


✅Finish trimming Melodic Mystery HST and work on November clue - made progress on both but have more to finish on both clues. 

✅Make Nov BOM from Quilting Life, and blocks for FCQ Equilters — done! You can see the FCQ Equilter block here

✅Work on grands’ ornaments — 2 of 4 are completely done

✅Halloween quilt as time permits — center section done; started sewing  border together.

Rehearsal and concert for Heritage Singers -- one concert done, 2 more for Spotsylvanians to go.

This week with Thanksgiving Day will mean I have less quilting time.  But that's ok.  I'll focus on the Christmas ornaments and getting a top finished  and the rest will be done as time permits. Here's the list. 


Border r,w,b quilt

Quilt and bind r,w,b quilt 

Keep working on next ornament

Enjoy Thanksgiving 

Finish trimming clue 4 and sewing and trimming the rest of Clue 5

Work on Halloween quilt as time permits

The only picture I took was of the November block from A Quilting Life Block of the Month 2022. I was tickled that I could use a lot of my precut 2.5" squares.  I'm looking forward to the last block although I probably won't put it together until next year some time. I'm pretty sure I'll do it next year if Sherri plans to do it again. 

Here's my stats for October. Whoop, Whoop! It was a very good month. I only bought one fat quarter and won several at retreat. On the other hand I used a lot of fabric (for me.) Hopefully I'll get at least one quilt done in November. 


Fabric In Month

Fabric In Year

Fabric Out 


Fabric Out Year

Total In or Out Year







I've been helping a friend get rid of her quilting supplies as she isn't able to quilt anymore.  I am keeping some of her notions but I'm also going to make some available to members of my guild.  After seeing all of her supplies I realize I have way too much also but I'm not ready to go wild moving things out.  I will be looking at my stuff to see what I could move out so someone else can use those notions.  Below was a real surprise to me.  Not that I had the snaps (I have enough for years since I don't use them often) but the cost of the them from years ago. 

See that price tag? It says 59¢. If I remember correctly Longs was a drug store but I don't remember if it was in Virginia or California. I must have something like 5 to 10 cards like this (mostly full.)  Do you have old sewing notions hanging around?  I even have a darning egg.  I like having it but I doubt I'll ever use it. How about you? Do you use any of your "antique" supplies?  I still use a pair of black scissors that I was told was used by medics in World War II. I can't think of any others but I'm sure I do have other treasures from either my mother or my grandmother -- they both sewed. 

I'm linking up with my normal Linky parties.  I hope you have some time this week to surf the web and see what people are making.  
Wednesday Wait Loss  

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. I like your star in a churn dash block, I could see a whole quilt done like that. I suppose I do have some old notions setting around, probably hid in the basement! Happy Turkey week!

  2. I probably have a few older sewing supplies stashed here and there among the many drawers that I have bits stored in - in fact one day I really need to go through all of those drawers to see if there is anything I would actually use - I might be able to free up some space!

  3. I like that block - very cool!
    Enjoy your thanksgiving!!!

  4. I have snaps like that in my stash, too. What did we use them for in the "olden days?!" My mom taught me to sew clothes - must have been for some closure. Nowadays, I think we would use a button or velcro! Have a great Thanksgiving week, Bonnie!

  5. Oh, yes -- I have a notion. I have a drawerful of them! Do those cards of snaps (or hooks-and-eyes) ever get COMPLETELY used? The churn dash frame would be a good setting for sampler blocks. Hmm....

  6. I like how you're doing your "A Quilting Life" BOM in red/white/blue. I'm doing mine in Christmas fabrics this year. It's hard to believe we're almaost through the year. I have a lot of notions that were my mother's, including a little wooden needle case with some very old needles! It's so fun to look through them.

  7. Hi Bonnie! Oh, those snaps . . . and a darning egg. I am certain I do not have an egg, but snaps and other oddball supplies are definitely here. My aunt was a seamstress so sewing clothes was my beginning, only to drop sewing for a long while until quilting called me back. I love the churn dash/star block, and woohoo to using up some precuts. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  8. Love your block. Isn't it great to just move things out? When I moved my sewing room to my studio upstairs, I really went through everything. I don't plan on doing anything but quilts anyway. (And like my mother did, I'm always thinking about my own kids having to deal with it when I'm gone!)

  9. Great to see your November BOM. I probably won't put mine together either until 2023 and I am planning to do next years one if she does it. I bet she will.

  10. I like your November block. It's always nice to be able to use those 2.5" squares. I have some of the things from Mom's old sewing box, and they have the price tags still on them - needles, snaps, rick-rack, seam binding. I love to pull them out and look at them. My MIL used to buy/collect/hoard things from garage sales and I chose her scissor collection when she passed away. They are displayed in my sewing room on my pegboard, and my granddaughters think I'm a secret serial killer! Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!

  11. One of my dearest quilt friends died last year and her daughter gave me a few of her "notions". I enjoyed looking at the old price tags as well. Times have certainly changed. Very nice quilt block. It makes me want to do a BOM in 2023.


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