Sunday, March 12, 2023

Monday Meanderings 3 - 13 - 2023

 We finally had some snow! Wow. Truth is, it wasn't much.  We could only see it coming down. Nothing accumulated on the ground.  I sent a text to our family proclaiming our snow - pretty much the only snow we've seen all season.  My DIL's response had me laughing because they were getting some too but nothing was accumulating.  "Sent the kids outside and told them they could come in once they made a snowball." Probably didn't happen.  

I did really well on my goals this week.  Here's what I wanted to do.


✅Sew last border on Melodic Mystery — done this is retiring to the to-be-quilted closet.

✅Sew backing together for baby quilt — done, should I quilt it with my domestic machine? Probably or I won't have any finishes this month!

✅Sew blocks for next FCQ Equilter’s round — one done need to do a couple more. See below. 

Make another walker bag — done except putting some Velcro on. 

Here's the block I completed for Nancy who is up as this month for the FCQ Equilters' blocks. 

I always try to use either my AccuQuilt dies or my Deb Tucker's Studio 180 rulers. But I didn't figure it out correctly so I just followed the directions as written.  Nancy asked for black with bright colors. And, she'd like some with colors on the outside with black in the middle.  I plan to make the blocks in pairs so she has both kind to play with.  

Here's what I'm going to work this week.  


Add border to sea life quilt

Make more FCQ Equilter blocks

Work on Rainbow Scrap blocks

Start working on APQ UFO Challenge #11 

Cut out another 3 yard quilt 

I have spent the last two days working on one of the fabric bundles I put together last week.  I ordered two 3 Yard quilt books from Amazon and Prime delivery had them here about mid day on Saturday. (In case you are wondering I got Quick As a Wink 3 Yard Quilts and Quilts in a Jiffy.) At lunch I decided which one I was going to use and by 9 pm I had everything cut out and the blocks made and laid out on the design wall. (You can see the fabric bundle here. It's the second picture.)  The big blocks are actually sea animals.

Today I was able to sew all the blocks into rows, sew the rows together and get the first border on. 

I didn't proceed with the last border as I don't like the single fold binding called for in the directions so I'm trying to see if I have enough of the dark brown left to make 2.25" or 2.5" wide binding and the 3" border it calls for.  I'll be doing some math after I get this blog written. (O Joy, math, my favorite subject.) This picture is a bit darker than what it looks like in person. I think for the next quilt I'll pick a smaller size for the plain blocks.  These are 9.5". It was fun to get this almost done so fast though. 

That's it for me. Enjoy surfing the web starting with these Linky Parties. 

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When we were driving back from Richmond last Tuesday I was impressed with all of the flowering trees.  I took a lot of pictures as we were driving. Here's what I considered the best picture. 

It won't be too long until the flowers will be blowing in the wind and it'll look like snow.

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. You've been busy Bonnie, and looks like it will be another busy week sewing. Those books look interesting and I like the quilt top. Gorgeous flowering tree, nature on its best. Is it cherry tree? Had to LOL of your daughter's comment! :)

  2. that is a gorgeous set of trees at first I thought it was one and then saw the smaller ones surrounding it.

  3. Gorgeous flowering trees! Ya know I could ship out a boat load of snow to you and we'd still have enough left here!! I like your progress on the new quilt.

  4. Nice to see all those checkmarks for your list! I like the sea animal print.

  5. Beautiful trees!! We're not quite that warm yet. A great week for you!

  6. You did so good featuring that gorgeous fabric in your quilt! That is a wonderful photo of the trees - are they cherry? Dogwood?

  7. Loving that green/black block. It is eye catching. And the quilt you whipped up. Beautiful. Way to go. Good luck on this week's list.

  8. That photo--🤯--we have so much snow here!!! It's so beautiful!!! Great job on the check list this past week--best wishes for this week's! I haven't had time to squeeze my RSC in for this month yet.

  9. Oh those trees almost look like ours last week. Except in Wisconsin it was flocked with SNOW! A gorgeous site none the less, but still, I would rather have yours at the moment. Winter is dragging on here. I smile at your comment about math and quilting. You are not a minority. However, I think it is why i like quilting besides the color. Oops, did I really say that?

  10. Hi Bonnie you sure did have a good week. Just look at all of your check marks! How fun to be able to move another top to the To Be Quilted Closet. The green/black blocks are beautiful and I love the 3 yard quilt. Maybe we all should get the books and have a nice, quick finish? Your blossom covered tree phone is pretty. Can't wait until the fruit trees here start budding and flowering. Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday.

  11. Great job on all your accomplishments this past week, Bonnie! All of our Bradford pear blooms in the neighborhood are definitely "gone with the wind"...and rain! LOL They are beautiful, but just don't last long enough. Now to get all the pollen out of the air so my black car isn't green any longer! LOL Thanks for sharing on Monday Musings!


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