Sunday, March 26, 2023

Monday Meanderings - 3 - 27 - 2023

Here we are at the last few days of March.  I've kept busy but not sure how much of it was quilting related. But I did succeed at least partly on my goals. Let's see what I did get done. '


✅Finish pink and ✅start green RSC blocks - Still working on both colors.

Design UFO Challenge #11, ✅rough cut shirts - Shirts measured and deboned, still working on design. Probably will use all on the front - nixed the two sided idea.

✅Baste baby quilt and start quilting - Half quilted.

Cut out another quilt - one of three fabrics cut.

Not bad. It would have been better to complete a design for the Tee Shirt quilt but I have lots of time to work on it. 

I'm really pleased with how the quilting is coming along on the baby quilt. Let me show one of the 5 motifs I'm stitching on it. (Remember the long arm is out for repairs so this is being done with my walking foot on my Bernina.) I first did a bunch of stitch in the ditch. Then I am working on the motifs. I think I have 2 left. I'm going to do parallel lines in the border. Hopefully that will be enough stitching to hold the quilt together. If not, I may have to do something in the white triangles. The goal is to have it completed by Friday so that I can show I finished something in March! 

Here's what I plan to work on this week.


Make more green RSC blocks, finish the pink blocks

Finish Arkansas Traveler Block 

Finish quilting baby quilt; bind it

Finish cutting out quilt

Design Tee Shirt quilt

It's a longer list and I'll be tied up nearly all day at rehearsal on Saturday. We'll see how much I get done of this list.  

Oops, a squirrel ran across my view and.... 

This is Arkansas Traveler block.  I've owned the AccuQuilt die for 3 or so years without ever using it.  My local guild is having a block drive so I thought it would be good to make any 12" block dies I have.  Sorry, I didn't get far on the sewing but I wanted to share it.  Only the two bottom diamonds are sewn together.  It was easy to sew them together, I just ran out of time. I wish I had more of all of these fabrics so I could make a quilt but, nope, I sure don't.  I'll be making more 12" blocks over the next couple of weeks so I can turn them in to the guild. 

Another off list thing I did was plant some pansies.  I have a view to a little garden out of the French doors in the basement studio.  I "thought" I would enjoy seeing some flowers. Um, no, pansies are too short. I would need taller plants. But they do look good from the enclosed porch. 

I can see the pig and the bird feeder. The birds are fun to watch as they squabble over who gets to eat from the feeder. We have a lot of smaller birds who can clean out the feeder in less than a day. 

That's it for today. Please take some time to surf the web starting with these Linky Parties. 

Since everyone seemed to like the previous flowering trees picture I shared I thought I'd share this one.  This is a group of cherry trees at the beginning of our neighborhood. Enjoy another view of spring here in central Virginia. 

Happy Quilting All - Bonnie 


  1. Nice to see all those green checkmarks! The cherry trees are beautiful. And that quilting motif--with the walking foot? Inspiring! With a fifth Wed/Th/Fri this is a nice bonus week.

  2. blossoming trees are so pretty! My weeping cherry tree will start this week I think and look pretty next week fully open - I hope

  3. Nice that you got a chance to pull out the AT die for a few blocks. You say you will make more 12" block, will those also be the AT die or a different one? Have a great week!!

  4. The trees look lovely. There are some at a shopping area near us with trees flowering. There was a woman with a camera near one and appeared to be taking selfies. I thought it was pretty cool.

  5. Heh--my eyes read "...paint some pansies..." and I kept looking at the fence expecting to see your artwork.

    Texas wildflowers are going crazy right now--the bluebonnets and Indian paintbrushes are spectacular.


  6. The cherry trees are so pretty! We woke up to several inches of snow this morning here in No. Colorado, so anything green and blooming is appreciated. The quilting on your baby quilt looks great, and I like the Arkansas Traveler blocks, too. Do they sew up pretty easily? (Tjose angled pieces usually trip me up!)

  7. I opened the curtains to see a snow-covered landscape. I’m getting weary of a white world, but at least it melts quickly this time of year. Arkansas Traveler is an attractive block especially in those fabrics.

  8. I'm envious of your glimpses of spring already. But it will arrive here in SD eventually. I really like your squirrel - and I'm guilty too. Yesterday I finally ordered an Accuquilt Go. So I'm sure there will be some un-planned play in my future.

  9. your quilting is going to be so fun!
    and Squirrel!! I love it!!!

  10. Just lovely and you are right, we love seeing flowering trees esp. this time of year when things are still white here in my world. So much quilting fun you are having. Love that Arkansas Traveler block and how great to have the die for it. Your walking foot quilting is looking lovely, Bonnie.

  11. Love the quilting, who could tell you used a walking foot for it! Looks great!!! I think I will borrow your idea.Those cherrie trees in bloom are awesome.

  12. That's turning out great if you're sewing it with a regular sewing machine. Well done.

  13. I do like your walking foot quilting. Nice job. How nice you are enjoying a blossoming Spring!

  14. Your views in Virginia are breath-taking! I love your pansies and the little pig (my husband would steal that from you - he loves real pigs too!) Your Arkansas Traveler block is beautiful! I really like the motif stitching on your baby quilt.

  15. Bonnie this was another fun post to read and enjoy all of your pretty photos. Your Arkansas Star blocks are lovely and the quilting is wonderful. Thank you for sharing and linking with To Do Tuesday.

  16. What a fun motif! It's amazing to me you can do that on your Bernina! The Arkansas Traveler block is so cool. I have that die and also need to use it for something! Thanks for linking up with Monday Musings!


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