Monday, March 6, 2023

Monday Meanderings 3 - 6 - 2023

 Welcome March!  Our weather has been pretty consistent but not like our normal winter to early spring.  It's chilly at night (30's to 40's F) but often sunny and reasonable during the days (50's, 60's and some times higher).  It's been a surprisingly mild winter here in the Mid Atlantic states.  Makes me wonder whether we'll have a ridiculously hot summer.  Hopefully not. I am definitely not a fan of hot weather.  

Let's move on to my goals for this past week.  I felt pretty good about the goals I accomplished although not everything was checked off.  


✅Finish baby quilt - quilt top done and backing fabric picked out. 

✅Sew Melodic Mystery together - missing one border which is ready to sew on. 

👎🏼Quilt something on Ruthie - she’s out for repairs. 

👎🏼Finish the pink blocks for rainbow scrap challenge - I made more but nowhere near finishing.

Anything else that strikes my fancy - I finished a 13” design board I started many months ago. 

Here's the baby quilt top I finished. (Hum, must be a record, I put it together in about 2 weeks basically using it as a leader ender for Melodic Mystery.) I'm not sure when I'll get it quilted but I just might do it on my domestic machine rather than wait for Ruthie.

Speaking of Ruthie -- poor girl is falling apart, kind of, at least.  It turns out the problem was not an encoder which would have been a fairly easy fix. It was determined that one of the computer boards was not functioning.  So our dealer, Mike, took her off to the shop to do a repair and update.  I except her back sometime in early April if all goes well. Sigh.  

On the positive side I am tickled with my version of Melodic Mystery. Here it is without the borders. This is the first mystery quilt I've done with Cheryl of Meadow Mist designs.  My quilting buddy Sharon and I sewed the clues at the same time via Face Time.  It was fun to chat and sew and we both liked the end results. I'll be looking forward to Cheryl's next mystery later this year. 

And here's a pic with all but the last border sewn on. 

I'm trying to keep my sewing expectations reasonable as I get used to my "new" eyes.  I find I can't see much for the first 30 minutes each day. But given some time my eyes start to work fairly well.  It's so amazing to be able to see things in the distance pretty darn well.  I still can't read a small digital clock from across the room but I can live with that. And, the readers I have from years ago are working out pretty well.  Today I'm going to drive to a weekly stitching group I go to in the neighborhood.  We'll see how I do with that before I commit to more distant driving. As Sharon said, I'm too young to quit driving.  

Here's what I plan to do this week. 


Sew last border on Melodic Mystery

Sew backing together for baby quilt 

Sew blocks for next FCQ Equilter’s round

Make another walker bag

I may get more done but who knows what will strike my fancy this week. We are going down to Richmond to pick up a Pat's college letter jacket we'd taken down a while ago to see if a big rip could be rewoven. (yep, he can still wear it and likes to!)  Sadly, no so I'll do a patch of some sort.  It won't be perfect but it will be wearable. 

We're also going to go to Quilter's Corner because at last October's retreat I won a gift card.  It's time to spend that money!  I have at least one top that needs a border and was thinking I'd check for go with fabric/s for some of my print fabric/s. (yep, it was enough for about 4 to 5 yards depending on what I decide I want.) 

That's it for me.  I hope you will join me in surfing the web using these Linky parties as a starting point.  

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To Do Tuesday 

I hope you have a quilty week -- with lots of finishes and moving projects forward. 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. Love your Meadow Mist Mystery! I think she has a very creative mind but Cheryl's engineer brain helps to create great designs. I like your fabric colors for your design; it so matches your blog!

  2. I do hope we will not have a horribly hot summer - I'm with you on that - I don't mind a long summer I just don't want it super hot

  3. Sounds like you have a nice week ahead with a road trip that includes a quilt shop! Sorry you are having trouble with the eyes right away in the morning, what does the doc say about that? I love your mystery quilt, the colors are just perfect!!

  4. I really like the vibrant daisy-orange stars. The Melodic Mystery sings (LOL). Have fun fabric shopping!

  5. The daisy fabric looks wonderful with the star blocks: it’s an adorable baby quilt. Sorry that Ruthie’s repair has been more extensive than you anticipated. Hopefully, she’ll be good as new soon.

  6. Melodic Mystery is gorgeous. Great job! The baby quilt is cute. Good luck on this week's projects.

  7. Lovely quilts...must be the time for machine problems. My DSM is also giving me trouble.

  8. You should be tickled with that mystery quilt--it looks great! Nice job!

  9. Love your baby quilt!!! and your mystery - oh my that is just gorgeous!!!

  10. Your Melodic Mystery really sings to me...done in my colors! And your baby quilt is so cute! Sorry they couldn't reweave the jacket, but I'm sure you will do a great job repairing it. I hope you get your Ruthie back soon, and all ready to get her quilting on!! LOL Thanks for linking up with Monday Musings.

  11. The baby quilt top is pretty, and wow on your Melodic Mystery - it's beautiful! I had off/on focusing during the first few weeks after surgery. Hope it keeps getting better and better for you.

  12. Hi Bonnie. I do like your Melodic Mystery. I always enjoy Cheryl's mystery qal's and have done a few over the years. That baby quilt is so lovely, bright and cheerful. I love the vibrant colours. I'm sorry to hear Ruthie is really having an issue, but happy to read your eyesight issue is getting better. Good job on last week's list. I hope you are having another good week. Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday.


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