Saturday, March 11, 2023

Fabric Acquisition Results!

I won a gift card during the October retreat.  It's been sitting just waiting for me to go spend it, or maybe burning a hole in my pocket.  I hadn't made much of an effort before because the store is an hour away from me.  Since we had another errand to do in the vicinity I decided it was time to splurge.  Being careful about buying fabric "because I like it," I decided to only buy fabric needed so I could use some piece of fabric I already owned.  I came prepared with 4 or so 1 yard hunks of fabric and one top that needed some borders.  

Here's the final results of my shopping. I don't go to quilt stores too often so I was surprised that much of the fabric was $13.99 a yard. Yikes! 

Being a rather squirrelly person regarding buying fabrics I looked for older fabric that would work with my older fabric. None of the fabric I bought was of the $13.99 variety and at least one was less $10.  I ended up paying about $17. more than my gift certificate but I'm really pleased with my results. Here's the fabric groupings that will be turned into a quilt soon. 

In real life the top fabric is much darker.  But I'm tickled with my go withs. For the most part I bought 1 yard pieces. ⬆️

The floral fabric and the yellow fabric I already had.  I also have a solid pink that is wonderful with this fabric.  I was lucky to find this green that leans more to the blue than the yellow side. ⬆️ 

I've had this grape fabric for quite a while and have no clue where I got it from. The bottom purple lines fabric is leftover from a backing from some quilt, who knows which one at this point. Unfortunately, I don't have very much of it.  I'm pretty sure I can get more of it but I won't worry about that for until I decide to do something with this grouping. ⬆️

The two purple fabrics above will be used as a small inner border and the outer border of the Merry Mayhem January 1, 1923 all day mystery quilt. You can see a picture of it here. I wasn't feeling very adventurous so when I saw the same color of Dimples fabric I used in the quilt I just went for that.  

Yes, I certainly have a lot of projects I can work on.  Truth be told, I've been gathering fabrics from my stash into groups I can use to make a quilt. Somehow, I think, I've got about 10 groupings hanging around the studio and getting in my way.  

My plan for these three bundles is to make some 3 yard quilts from patterns from Fabric Cafe.  Unfortunately I loaned my book(s) and didn't get them back. Sigh.  I have ordered 2 books that will be coming in today and then it's on to making some tops.  Most of these quilts will be given to charity and move fabric out of the stash! I think I'm starting with the sea life fabrics shown at the top. 

I'm off to get other items checked off my to do list.  I'm linking up with 

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I don't get many Friday posts up but I'm always happy to surf the web especially these three Linky party hostesses.  Hope you can kick back and do a little web surfing too. 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie 


  1. Your store is right in line with mine on price-per-yard - yikes is right. I like to shop in the "back room" of my LQS where they have close-outs! You got some really pretty fabrics. LOVE that fabric with the turtle in it - what is that line? I also love that green above the grape fabric.

  2. I love the Dimples fabric and I had several fat quarter bundles of it at one time and still have a few pieces here and there in my stash I love it. I know it was $13.99 then a yard but gosh it sure has gone up. I have not been in a quilt shop since last year and almost all the fabric then was $13.99 to $15.99 a yard. I tend to do my "backroom" shopping on line with the sales. With having no quilt shop here it is the best way. I will go to one quilt show in April and will look at fabric - but last year when I went I was really picky - it is hard paying that much!

  3. I refuse to pay the high prices for quilt shop fabric. Frankly, I think they’re pricing themselves out of business, as many shops are closing. I love all of your fabric groupings: they will make beautiful quilts.

  4. I love dimples and think I have had some at one point;0 You made some good choices I think, looking forward to seeing what you make.

  5. Oh great - here I am trying to wean myself away from beauties like these, and heere they are, looking me right in the race - ahhh, temptation! I'm going to the quilt shop tomorrow - what great timing!


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