Sunday, March 3, 2024

Monday Meanderings 3 - 4 - 2024

What a busy week.  Did any of you get to either Quilt Con or Mid-Atlantic Quilt show over the past two weeks?  Pat and I made it to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt show Thursday morning.  We had about 2 hours to see some quilts, hit a few vendors, and then get on to Nags Head, NC.  

First, here is my friend Michele's quilt. She designed the quilt for Colchester Mills Fabric and Quilting a few years ago as a mystery quilt. Michele designs one yearly for Colchester.  This one was spectacular.  A new mystery started at the beginning of February. Check it out at Marvelous Mystery. My friend Sharon is her tester and she made air in Christmas fabrics.  I am pretty sure this one fits on a king size bed. 

I also got to see several friends from several different places I've lived.  Pat snapped a photo of Mary Beth and I.  We both lived in Maryland for years and were (heck, are still) members of Faithful Circle Quilters.  She moved to Florida so we don't see each other very often... it's been almost 2 years now. We were on such a tight time frame we really only had a few minutes to chat and get a hug. (That's me on the right.)

Despite our travels I was able to get all my goals done this week.  Or maybe it was because of our travels.  I almost always take my featherweight down to the beach house with me and work on some projects. This mess was me making string blocks on telephone book pages.  I was amazed how many I got done since every string I sewed had to be ironed and cut.  I also put together the green, blacks, and white to top stage that I'll show when the border is done. 

Here's what the goals list looks like from last week. Not bad! 


✅Bind Picket Fence Quilt - Done!

✅Bind secret project - Done! Come back Wednesday, 3/6/24 to see it. 

✅Make some more FCQ Equilter blocks - Some done, more needed. 

✅Attend the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show  -  Attended a short time. 

Sew the green, blacks, & white 3 yard quilt - Center together, borders next.

Here's a corner of the Picket Star top being quilted. Since it is done I need to take it on a photo shoot soon. I chose Random Clams quilting design.  The block was designed by Preeti who blogs at Sew Preeti Quilts.  Here are the directions for the block

Let's take a look at this week's list. 


Knit on socks 

Find fabric for appliqué blocks

Mail package to FCQ Equilter from last round 

Border green, blacks, and white top

Quilt customer top 

Quilt one of my tops 

Hum, should be doable. All of a sudden I have 4 customer quilts waiting to be quilted.  I hope to get one done this week. I should get one of mine on and done this week too. The others aren't as time sensitive. 

We were working on our beach house in Nags Head.  The master bathroom is being updated but more importantly Pat needed to replace some windows. I was his trusty assistant. My job was to hold the window while Pat pulled a cord and attached it to the top of the window. (I have no clue what it was called but it wasn't a one person job!) After he got the cords installed on each window I was free to go back to quilting.  It meant I was running up and down stairs a bit too often but I did get a lot of piecing done.  Here's a window on the way out...  We had to take them to the transfer station rather than leave them in our regular trash. Nine were replaced and more need to be done soon.

It is a good thing we went down, as it turns out something is wrong with the heater. It was taking a long time to warm the house up 5 degrees when we arrived.  And then the thermostat went off twice.  Sunday morning we woke up early to a cold house. So we left around 7am to have breakfast at Stack Em High and to drive back to Virginia.  Pat will have to go down to replace more windows in a month or so. Hopefully he can get our son to go with him.  It was hard work for the "old folks." 

I knew it wouldn't last.  I was unable to sew the day we went to the quilt show and drove to the beach house.  So I missed the 29th.  But I was right back at it  including spending an hour or so on putting things away and finding some more strips for my strip quilting project this afternoon after getting home. I'm happy with the 98%.  
  • 15 minute days/week = 7/7 days
  • 15 minute days/Feb = 28/29 days
  • 15 minute days/March 3/3 days 
  • 15 minute days/2024 = 62/63 days
  • Success rate = 98%
Here are the Linky parties I participate with.  Please take a look at some of the blogs listed. 

Hopefully this week I'll remember to link up to all the parties I list here.  I was pretty focused on quilting and being down at the beach house.  I hardly looked at the internet over the last week. 

Happy Quilting All! Bonnie    



  1. Isn’t it fun to run into old friends and meet new people at a quilt show? You’ve had a very busy week! Good luck with your goals for this coming week. Gail at the cozy quilter

  2. You had a busy week inside and outside the sewing room. I love a good mystery, but I'm going to slow down on new stuff, I need to recover from the beginning of the year quilt alongs. Hope you get in lots of stitching time this week.

  3. sometimes there is more to go on in a day then quilting - it is ok not to sit at the machine a day or two

  4. The trip to the beach sounds wonderful--good job on the windows being replaced--that is quite a chore! Amazing you got so much sewing time in despite all of the travel!

  5. Good job on all you accomplished, plus hitting the quilt show and going to the beach!!! That Pat is a handy guy, isn't he! Love the Random Clams--definitely one of my favorite pantos!!!

  6. Love your quilting on picket star. Michelle's quilt is drop dead gorgeous and it doesn't hurt that she used some of my favorite colors!

  7. Great job with your list this week! I love the quilting on Picket Star. Looking forward to seeing the photo shoot! Thanks for sharing on Monday Musings.

  8. The Marvelous Mystery quilt is stunning!! You got a lot done, and nice that you were able to go down to the beach.. Thanks for joining in on Monday this and That and I hope you had a great week! xx


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