Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bits of This and That

First up is the night picture we took of the Eiffel Tower. (do you realize how hard it is to spell that name? Thank you Wikipedia for the correct spelling. It is correct isn't it??? ) I just read that it is the single most visited paid monument in the world. Hum, the writer in me would love to rewrite that so it isn't so awkward sounding, but that would take a bit of thinking on my part and I just don't want to think that hard. This isn't a good sign when there are more tiny thought words than actual commentary on the pictures...

Next up are a couple of pictures of quilts made by my friend Sharon. I had permission to show you the pink one but not until she gave it to her daughter. Her granddaughter, Alexis, was born a while ago so I can share this cute quilt with you. I love the mix of colors in this. The border is subtle but really goes so well with the center. Great job Sharon.
This next quilt was a round robin if I remember correctly. Our guild, Faithful Circle Quilters sponsored the RR many years ago. Each pass had different rules -- must have triangles, must have applique, curve piecing. Whatever. Some of the best quilts I own are ones I've done in round robins.

Yesterday I spent several hours quilting on a twin size charity quilt. I hadn't touched Ruthie for a full month. (hey, we were on vacation!) I borrowed some pantographs from a friend who is spending part of the winter in warmer climes. (HA! They got 5" of snow in lower Mississippi the other day.) So I used the panto Waterworld. (scroll down to see the design.) It isn't all that hard but it certainly isn't looking as nice as it should. I'll finish that this morning and then I'll put the rows together on the quilt I was doing earlier in the week.

Off to get going this morning. Can't laze the whole day away although sometimes I really wish I could.

Hapy Quilting All!

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