Thursday, February 18, 2010

To Title or Not to Title

As I began typing a title I realized I'd already used that title. (It came up as an automatic choice when I began to type.) Maybe I need to be more creative in picking titles. Heck, maybe I need to be more creative in what I blog about. Deep thoughts which I will review at my leisure.

Here's today's scoop. Raggs went to the vet today (actually so did Pat and I as the transportation team, not as patients!) He came through with a clean bill of health! YEAH! But he had to have a couple of shots. He didn't pay much attention to the jabbing... good boy. But one shot is given as a nose mist. YUCK! And he needs to have his teeth cleaned so we'll be setting that up in the next few weeks. Lucky Raggs.
Here's a charity quilt I finished Monday. I was having a heck of a time with it Saturday. I skipped any quilting on Sunday and started up Monday with a fresh attitude. I cleaned, oiled, spoke sweetly to Ruthie and she worked her charm on the rest of the quilt. I was doing a pantograph I had borrowed from my friend. For some reason I like the designs on the roll but the actual finished results, not so much. I think part of it is I am hard on myself (aren't we are own worse critics) And, part is I've seen how accurately the computerized quilting can do. I still get bumpy circles and overlaps where I really shouldn't. Ah, more experience needed.

This is just a simple grouping of squares that Faithful Circle Quilters puts together. I will bind it and then bring it back to Maryland next time I go. It is a twin size quilt and man, I thought I would never finish it. I'll take it off Ruthie completely when I have something else I want to put on. (Heidi -- I do have yours to put on but I want to try a couple of techniques on the quilt I'm almost finished with to make sure I can do them on your quilt without problems!:)

Most of the quilts I load on Ruthie are lap quilts and I don't like really dense quilting so I am not using up too much thread. Until this one. I finished this spool of thread. I finished a poly in the same color that I used on the bobbin. I knew I was not going to have enough to fill the last bobbin I needed so I used some hand quilting thread from my dsm to finish. And, it worked fine. Although I imagine if someone really spends time looking at the back they will be able to see the various colors on the back although they were very close.

Now it is off to work on Plaza del Sol. I've got a small inner border ready to put on. Then I'll decide about putting on a piano key border. Then, it gets thrown on Ruthie as practice for Heidi's Pineapple quilt. Making progress here!

Happy Quilting All!

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