Monday, February 1, 2010

Quilting Design Ideas From London

Pat and I are on vacation in London. (Yeah, isn't it cool?) I've been snapping pics right and left of quilt oriented designs. Who knows maybe I'll design a quilt from one of these pics.

I believe this is a tile floor in a church near Parliment. (hum, maybe St. Margaret's) We came in a back door and did not see the signs saying no photography.) I wasn't happy with myself once we saw the sign. Every church we've been in since we've been angels -- no photos.
But you can take pictures at the British Museum. I wanted to see the Elgin marbles (cause I read too many historical romances and frequently the marbles are being delivered or the exhibit is opening in the stories.) This was a suggestion of how the Parthenon might have been painted during its hey day. That's a great quilt design.... 9 patches with 2 borders, next to what I would call a Celtic design. I could do that -- maybe in miniature so I wouldn't have to do a huge quilt... hum ... I will think on this one. This was also in the British Museum. It reminds me of Orange Peal with some extras.

And, finally for those of you who are Raggs fans -- here he is as we left him at the Puppy Palace. He wasn't happy being there all by himself but the owners swore to us he would have a friend coming in the next day. And, the baskets on the table in the back were toys for the dogs to play with. Hopefully he is playing hard with the other pups and will be happy to see us in a while.

We've been lucky to have free internet in the room but we head for Paris tomorrow so don't know if we will have it there. It may be a while until you hear from me again.

Happy Quilting All -- Bonnie ( my siggie will be back after the trip -- too late tonight to find it and post it!)

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