Friday, February 26, 2010


Last night was all that it was predicted to be less the major wind damage.
This is the elephant in the backyard at 8 am or so.
Pat had already been snowblowing the driveway for an hour or so by the time I woke up.

Before he had finished it started snowing again and the driveway was being covered . . . again.
He went back out at 10 am to remove another layer. Pat just reported there was another 2" of snow since the first blowing of the day. It is easier to blow if it doesn't get too deep. It's beginning to worry him that the mounds are so high the blower can't get the snow OVER them.

And, it is still snowing. All the weather powers say it should be stopping sometime today. Except for more this evening and then snow showers through the weekend...

I'm off to the studio to see if I can get more done today than yesterday! (I'm thinking spring green here, folks!)

Happy Quilting All!

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  1. snowicane, that's for sure. well over 2 feet of snow. the roads just re-opened yesterday (saturday) and we hope to have power back by tuesday. i hope you fared better.


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