Monday, February 22, 2010

Something New

Pat put a new ironing board cover on my big board. He does wield that staple gun well. I picked a bright cheerful print this time. Unfortunately, I was ironing some reds and right off I have a few splotches of red dye on the cover. AARGH! And, I wash every piece of fabric that comes into the house and have for years.

Quilts In Progress

Plaza del Sol
I have finished the top. Today I hope to get the backing together and then load it on Ruthie. It would make a terrific finish for February!

Prairie Baskets
This small quilt, from Kathy Tracy's Prairie Children and Their Quilts, is a challenge from Small Quilt Talk yahoo group. This particular challenge was to pick a quilt from the book and make it. When done we post pictures. I'm in the hand quilting stage and hope to have it finished by Friday or perhaps earlier.

Carolina Christmas
This mystery quilt from Quiltville is my ender project. When I finish sewing whatever I am really working on, I slip pieces of this under the needle. It keeps the thread contained (so it doesn't go into the hole of the plate) and it gives me a jump start on another quilt. I am on Clue 4 although I do admit to looking at the finished quilt pictures. I am making half of everything so my quilt should be half as big. I figure I can work on this off and on all year and get it ready for next Christmas.

Mystery #12
My blocks are done from Mystery #12 from Mysteries for Relay. I need to decide how I want to sew these together and then do it. (but I had to get Plaza del Sol off the design bed to be able to lay these blocks out...)

I could continue with many more quilts that I am working on, thinking about working on, forgetting I ever worked on... you get the idea. These are just the ones at the top of the list.

Happy Quilting All!


  1. Is the pineapple quilt on the docket too??? I can't wait to see you release your creative juices on it!


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