Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Moving ... backward

Are you sick of snow photos yet, or maybe snow? I am. But woke up this morning to another inch or two on the ground, in the trees, etc. Thought you might enjoy the snowy wonder of trees with snow...

I loaded Plaza del Sol on Ruthie and did a row of quilting -- Monday. Tuesday I was hot to trot and before lunch I finished the bobbin.

I worked my fingers to the bones -- each of the piano keys had a cursive "l". I did some more curves on the inner border and got through half a row of the stars and stippling when I ran out of thread. Popped a new bobbin in and did a test. Yuck -- loopies on the bottom. Checked what I had done before -- ACK more loopies. I never checked when I started in the morning. WHAT was I thinking? All afternoon and well into the night I was speaking frog -- ripit rip-it. And, I'm not done.

Today, I'm leaving to go to the Wed. Quilters -- as soon as I finish this, change shirts (oops, cottage cheese on the front just looks so tacky!), pack a lunch, gather my sewing... you get the picture. Ripit will commence this evening as I really want to finish this quilt. I took it off the rollers so I'll let you know how easy it is to get it back on without wrinkles. Luckily I am not having to take out all the quilting I did on it. And, let this be a lesson to ME -- check your work frequently!

Happy Quilting and Dreaming of Spring


  1. Warmer temperatures FINALLY arrived here, and the snow is melting. I will try to share and send the heat wave to you this week.

  2. Ugh..I HATE when that happens, Bonnie!! I love this one and cannot wait to see it done!

  3. Oh no Bonnie...all that time and work...
    it's amazing that you don't get discouraged!
    I think I'd be dumping it into the UFO closet :)


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