Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Jenny came up to spend the week with us last week. Brian was out of town and Jen was on spring break/furlough from the university. We spent one day shopping for maternity clothes and a lunch out. Here she is with the dogs, modeling the "bump." Kona enjoyed her visit but looked worried every time Jenny left the room. Last time she visited she stayed a couple of extra weeks cause J and B were going on a trip.

One reason Jen came up was to use Ruthie to get the quilting done on a friend's wedding gift. She used the butterfly panto and it came out great. I love how forgiving that panto is especially for newbies. Some pantos look wacky when done -- well, I'm not a pro yet so hopefully some day they won't look wacky.

We went to A Stitch in Time so she could get the backing for this quilt. I got the scraps. Her sewing room will be turning into the nursery so she isn't keen on lots of scraps. And, she calls me when she needs extra scraps anyway. (hum, do I need to report those scraps??)
I think she did some work on the one below but I can't guarantee it. Jen was motivated and sometimes went up to the studio while I was totally lazing away.

We took this photo as she was loading the car to leave. When Pat and I came back into the house. Oh no. She had left the other quilt on the chair. Thank goodness for cell phones. She' d gotten no more than 5 minutes away before she turned around to get it.

Have a quilty day all! Happy Quilting.


  1. What fun - shopping for maternity clothes, lunch out, and quilting with loving pets no less.

  2. What beautiful quilts! How exciting about the pregnancy!

  3. How do you all report scraps - both the acquisition and the usage! I like the idea of keeping track but am wondering how this part works!

    sao *Shirley ALbertson Owens
    Midlothian, VA


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