Monday, October 11, 2010

Design Wall Monday

 It's design wall Monday and I've got two design walls to show off today. 

First is this cork board (yes it is painted red and there is a pink boa hanging from the top right corner) in my main sewing room. 

This is as far as I've gotten on the trip around the world.  The bottom two quadrants are done. The left top is barely started and the right top is more than 3/4ths done.  

I've actually put another row or two on since this picture was taken. 

In the studio where Ruthie lives is another small design wall -- I have no room for a big design wall. Anyway this is the beginning of the tree skirt I am making for Jenny.  You start by sewing 3 panels that are 6 1/4 x wof.  Of course, there is a specific order you need to sew them.  Here are 2 done although I've covered the back piece up with the second piece.  The red doesn't appear this orange in person.  And all fabric has gold on it.  It's coming along quite rapidly at this point. 

Those who have been following me over the last few posts might wonder how I've gotten so much done when I couldn't get a decent stitch on my Baby Lock.  I found the directions!  Right where I expected them to be -- my filing cabinet.  Of course, I had to go through the stuff in the drawers carefully.  And, I think the directions were in the first drawer I looked in.  Nah, was I really that lucky?  

And, yep, I was threading the upper thread incorrectly.  What a difference a little mistake could make.  These two didn't take all that long.  Tomorrow I will decide whether I will do the last panel for the tree skirt or something else.  If I conitnue I'll need to find another piece of batting to use as I ran out of what I was using. I am hoping I have some of the same brand in my collection.  Otherwise, I'm using what I can find that feels about the same!  

Since it is Design Wall Monday, visit Judy's site here to see what is on everyone's walls this week.   Happy Quilting All!  


  1. The trip around the world is fabulous! Love the colors.

  2. Both quilts are fab!! I am really looking forward to the tree skirt. I need to make one for myself but I wanted a non-applique project. Nice job and so glad your machine is up and running again. I had threaded my bobbin wrong on my old machine and sewed several quilts before I had a friend help me out. I had the directions, too. :)

  3. Very nice progress on the trip around the world. I love having 2 design walls!

  4. That trip around the world is absolutely spectacular!! I have to admit, I have never been a big fan of them as most I have seen seem almost hokey..but you have made me see them in a whole new light!!! LOVE it!

  5. Great work! I love your Trip Around The World quilt. Have you visited yet to see what other folks are stitching up and sharing,too?


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