Monday, October 18, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Um, er, make that ironing board design Monday here.  Last post I showed a beginning design idea for the borders of my Million Pieces quilt.  I wasn't particularly happy with the colors in the border so decided to use some of the same gold as part of the design.  And then I added some darker colors for the other side of the triangles.  Ooohh, I like that a lot more.  And, it will look more like a unit.  And then I realized I could make the next a plain border (and hopefully last border...) slightly bigger than the first two and voila! all of a sudden I would have enough width to be done with the quilt top. 
And the corner half square triangle will use the border fabric instead of the blue currently used.  Now that this design is set I can proceed to make the number of blocks I need.  I forget how many but I've already pulled all the fabric I will need.  I think that lighter blue in the top right corner is going back to the fat quarter bin... too light for this.  I'm not sure on the purple or the gold either. 

I've added a new button to the side bar. It is Sew Scraps Along at Pleasant Home.  Considering most quilts I am working on now are scrappy this seemed like something I would like to keep up with. 

Today I hope to finish the Million Quilt scrappy border.  Sew the binding on my 1800's quilt and perhaps get the last border on the Million Quilt too. (If I do then I need to deal with the backing fabric -- one of those things I hate to do -- piece a backing!) 

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I'm off to the studio.  Happy Quilting All! 

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  1. the quilt is looking terrific-love it, worth all the millions of pieces!!


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