Friday, October 22, 2010

Plugging Along

The first side of the border is now on.  

Do you know how long it takes to make this border?


Or so it seems.  If I were really smart I would have planned a bit more on paper.  Both sides are taking uneven number of blocks. So I first thought I could have different blocks leading up to the corners.  I made the extra blocks and laid out the actual borders.  Um, no, I wouldn't get matching opposite corners.  I got ugly differing corners.  Yuck.

Back to the book for some ideas.  Except the ideas were for different border blocks nothing for a nice pointy border.  While looking through I saw several borders made out of a square in a square.  Hum, if I can't fix the border at the ends, I certainly could in the center.  Thus the little floating square in a square. 

And, even better.  I drew the square on graph paper and the first sample block was right on.  All the borders are ready to be sewn on but only one got on yesterday afternoon.  The border is attached to the gold side, the bricks to the left are the other side of the quilt folded around.  (See that sage green sticking out?  That's the foot stool the quilt was sitting on.  I pulled the extra quilt out to cover more of the stool. Just in case you were wondering.) 

Today I will be getting the rest of these blankety, blank borders on.  And, with any luck, the next border too.  Of course, I say that every day!  

If you are wondering about past design wall posts.  Both the bow ties and the Christmas tree skirt are on the back burner until I can get this quilt done.  Well, honestly, Christmas is months away!  (Unless I think about presents and then it's way too close.) 

Up next week -- A visit from Jenny and Sophia and Kona.  Woopee.  Raggs needs Kona to keep him out of mischief!  Let's hope she doesn't lead him into more mischief! 

Happy Sewing All! 


  1. Looking good.

    Keep repeating: slow and steady, slow and steady.

  2. I've also been struggling with a pieced border. It looked like a simple job until I started sewing. I had all the pieces sewn together before I realized that the horizontal border pieces are the mirror image of the vertical pieces - who would have thought? So then I had to rip out half the pieces and and sew them again.
    To complicate matters, I'm using a narrow border between the blocks and the pieced border but don't want to cut it until the pieced border is finished - to make sure everything fits.
    By the way, I'm using Judy Martin & Marsha McCloskey's "Pieced Borders" and the quilt is the Stashbusters 2009 Sunshine Sampler, double-bed size.


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