Monday, October 25, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Nope, not showing the design wall today -- but I am showing a design bed! The top is done, kind of. But, how did this top get so big?  I'm pretty sure I am going to take off the floral border at the top.  I will be making shams for the pillows.  

Next up is figuring out the backing.  I have a 6 yard piece of fabric so just need to see if I have something I can add to it and I'm pretty sure I'm buying a batting for it either tomorrow or Wednesday. 

Visit Judy's site for more Design Wall Monday photos.

Jenny, Sophia and Kona are coming today for a few days.  (woop! woop!) So we'll be out and about especially a quilt store or two as Jen has a new project in mind. 

Saturday Pat and I went to the Festival of the Grape in beautiful, downtown Powhatan.  The weather was great and the crowd plentiful.  Enjoyed some decent wine.  And we got some bottles for the collection. 

I'm spending the day mostly cleaning, a little trip to the grocery store and playing with Sophia and Kona.  Dinner will be in the crock pot in a few minutes. Life is good.  

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. Bonnie I love your scrap quilt. A great use of scrap squares.

  2. Beautiful! It looks great on your design bed :)

  3. What a beautiful quilt -- just the right size for the bed! U hope you didn't use all of your scraps on the top so you still have some left for the shams.

  4. Very, very pretty and such rich colors. Maybe the shams and binding can be made from the floral border fabric if you remove it. Nice work!

  5. That is a huge scrap quilt...way to go!

  6. What a beautiful turn out of scraps. Keep the scrap feel going for your back. Using the front border section for your shams is an excellent idea. Will you quilt the shams fronts same stitch as your quilt? The shams will look much richer if you treat them as you do your quilt. You only need to do the fronts of shams.

  7. Hmmm....nobody talked about the wine festival....


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