Friday, October 15, 2010

For You Marge!

Marge and I have been chatting a bit . . .  not much really important just the day-to-day things.  She's leading a retreat in Lancaster County now so she may not see this right away but ... I dedicate this post to Marge. You can visit her web site here.   

She replied to some smart aleck comment I made about not really working on the Million Pieces Quilt. Her comment was "Sooner or later you have to finish the million piece quilt, I have another similar one to show you, LOL!"  ARGH.  Something new with a million pieces? Hum, that could bust a lot of fabric. Bring it on Marge and congratulations, you've inspired me to actually work on the borders. 

I think it is because it is hard to measure and cut accurately that I put off working on the borders of a big quilt.  I originally planned to add a smaller inner border and bigger outer border.  But I need to get at least 13" for the drop so I wasn't sure about the bigger border.  Here's what EQ and Pieced Borders the Complete Resource (by Marsha McCloskey and Judy Martin) and I came up with. 

First, you have to ignore the yellow sunflower fabric.  It is the ironing board cover. I tried to crop it out as much as possible.  The deep gold fabric is the first border actually sewn on.  And, yes it is two different sizes so that the next border would fit correctly.  I am not liking the brighter, more colorful blocks -- they detract too much.  The fabric at the back is the next border.  I think I will make some sample half square triangle blocks using the gold and then more mottled fabrics.  I think these whites are pretty stark. (Hey, I had some blocks ready made in my stash and it was worth a try!) And, by the way the red beyond the other border piece is the wall!  

And, I'll try with just the back fabric as a border.  I was trying to give it some more interest without putting a 10" border on.  We'll see what transpires. 

Today is an out and about day.  The Bernina is finished with her spa treatment so I will pick her up. I'm also going to the local Country Curtains store to see about some curtains for the living room and the dining room.  There are rods already there so all I need to do is find some curtains to go on them.  And, no, I really don't do curtains much.  

Yikes, it is time to actually get out and about.  I don't want to be driving in Friday evening traffic.  (but Richmond is so much easier traffic wise than the DC area!) 

And, here's a new pic of Sophia snoozing away in her crib.  Isn't she the cutest burrito you've ever seen?  (well, ok, I'm only slightly prejudiced!) 

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. Sophia is beautiful. I laughed when you wrote about your Bernina going to spa. I keep my Bernina cleaned and in good running order and I know it should go in for its spa treatment but I hate to have it gone. But I know I will have to do it and will whine till it come s home. Love Lois

  2. Ahhh lovely photo of Sophia, so peaceful!

    I would like to join Marge in encouraging you to finish your "Million Pieces" quilt! Of all the pretty or fancy quilts that I have made, I think my 4 postage stamp ones are my favorites. They just have a great appeal, and are fascinating to look at.

    Great work on the borders too! You will be done before you know it.

    Hmmm, I wonder what nightmare, hmmm challenge, Marge has in mind! LOL

    - Mary

  3. Wow, I never had a blog dedicated to me, thanks… I think.

    I like the darker border fabrics better, and yes, leave out the light blue, and I can’t believe I’m going to say this, the purple too. The other colors look great. No wonder you can’t finish this, you keep adding to it!


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