Friday, January 6, 2012

Clean Up & Organization Day

 A big thank you to my pal, Diana, for spending the day helping me clean up and add a little more organization to my studio.  And, she said she enjoyed herself.  Really?  

I had already done a bit of clean up of the cutting table yesterday.  We're actually dealing with my ridiculous collection of plastic bags... I moved a bunch to the downstairs, trashed some and put others neatly in the basket and changed where the basket lived on the shelves.  Hum the E Quilter's Komen donation quilt on the design wall is making progress.  I changed the corners on the two blocks on the top right.  I added some white to lighten them up.  I want to make at least one more block with a pale pink background and use some more of the light green that I used in the green and yellow star.  6 more to go on those. 

Argh -- look at all the junk in the top right corner.  What a waste of space.  This was taken in process so it looks like I have open shelf space because we were working with the basket of plastic bags. 
Here's the other side of the stash collection before the clean up. You can't really appreciate my cute little duck collection above, they're all mixed together.  But, trust me, below they are spread out!
And, here's one after picture.  I bet you didn't even realize I had boxes and baskets of fat quarters on the top of my shelving.  I need to take pictures that are exactly what I had taken in the before pictures so you can really see what's been done.
My sewing machine is to the left of this L shaped space.  Honestly, you could not see the blue counter here before.  Didn't get a picture of it though.   We didn't start in on the shelf so I'm booking her again in a few weeks!  My "homework" is to cut up and put away a bunch of scraps.  I keep 2.5", 2" and 1.5" strips in the plastic drawer unit on the left.  The boxes and tins have half square triangles in them and different sizes of squares.  The white basket on top has triangles that I can sew into half square triangles... I finally got to the point today that I threw away some of my scraps... I just couldn't take it any more! I did get most of the 80+ yards of fabric I bought at the guild auction folded and put away before today. 

Tomorrow I need to work on getting some of my goals done for this week.  I have a sneaky feeling I'm not going to be checking off a whole bunch of stuff this week!  

Happy Quilting All!  


  1. Isn't it fun to organize and get things looking ship-shape?! You have such a lovely, bright working space, Bonnie -- it must be a pleasure to play in!! :)

  2. I see a lot of beautiful future projects on those shelves.

  3. Clean up is usually not fun but a necessary evil. I'm working on mine about 20 minutes per day and can see the tops of flat surfaces more than before. Having a friend help makes the suffering minimal I bet.

  4. I love how colorful your room is! :-)

  5. It does make it so much nicer to have someone working with you when you tackle a big project like sewing studio clean up! I have actually had my mother come over and sit on the daybed with her knitting and just talk to me while I am sorting and cleaning. Somehow it just makes it go faster! I have a question about the shelving on the side walls. I also work in a converted attic space so I know the challenges of only having so much room before you bump your head! Did you purchase the shelves or were they custom made?

  6. What a great sewing space, I want to come play with your lovely fabrics! I love organizing. If only it would stay like that :)

  7. You threw away scraps!!!??? Horrors, LOL (please note the slight sarcasm in my laugh). I've given myself permission to throw out anything less than 1.5" square and yes, I have actually made a baby doll quilt out of some of those itty bitty squares and it turned out adorable. I'm in the process of cleaning out my space too and it does feel good. Have a great new year!!

  8. This is definitely a very good week to work on organizing. I always do this right after I put the Christmas decorations away. We take less out each year so more time for redoing my room. Love the colorfulness of your space. Great room and your shelves look like the ones my husband made to fit under the eaves of my slanted ceiling room. Thanks for sharing, Bonnie. Judy C

  9. That is one job I hate to do, but love to have done.
    Your space looks awesome!

  10. I've been doing some VERY similar activities in the last week. YIKES! My old bones and creekie muscles are crying from the overworking I gave them. =P


  11. I'm envious! You have a large room! I would love to have one that large. My is very small and cramped but I do get to quilt.

  12. I have sewing room envy!!
    Gmama Jane


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