Monday, January 16, 2012

Design Wall Monday 1-16-12

Here's what I'm working on: 

After our regular meeting at Country Piecemakers we had a baby quilt sew-in.  This is done in strips and quilt-as-you-go.  I precut my strips to fit the size batting I had in my stash.  And, I didn't really want to spend days working on this charity quilt so I cut bigger strips.  So my striped fabric in the center was about 7" wide if I remember.  That is laid down first right side up* on top of the batting and backing which is pinned together.  

Then you just put the next strips on right sides together and sew along the 1/4" seam. Flip, iron and put another strip down. In a couple of hours I had a 36 x 45" quilt ready for binding.  I had to sew a line of decorative stitches across the pink to hold it in place as it was pretty large.  I plan on using the pink to make the binding.  * Except, I didn't follow directions exactly.  That pink is actually right side down and it is staying that way!  I have to decide if I want to use the wrong side for the binding or use the right side.  Decisions, decisions. 

These fun stars are from Bonnie Hunter's Carolina Christmas several years ago.  I got frustrated with the the whole project when I first started.  I've pulled it out a couple of times and not gotten very far.  But for some reason I'm having great luck with it now as an ender project.  So I'll keep plugging away on it.  It'll be half size unless I have a wild hair to cut more of everything. 

Last week's goals:

Week of Jan 9, 2012
Make heart block or two √ at least 1
Make sample blocks of BOM for Guild √ go to yesterday's blog if you'd like to join us
Write up and print out instructions for BOM
Make and mail out block for Faithful Circle Quilters didn’t happen
Keep making blocks for the secret project… at least 6 √ most are done
Keep making blocks for the Komen donation quilt oops
Clean off cutting table regularly
Spend 15 minutes a day cutting scraps into usable sizes
Make star blocks from Carolina Christmas as leader/ender project√ several are done but not all

Week of Jan 16, 2012
Visit Jenny, Brian and Sophia
Finish all blocks for secret project
Bind baby quilt-as-you-go
Make and mail out BOM for Faithful Circle Quilters
Spend 15 minutes a day cutting scraps into usable sizes
Keep the cutting table cleaned off at the end of the day

I have started a block of the month quilt for my guild and will be posting it on this blog the Sunday after the second Saturday each month until November.  Please check it out by clicking here.  I'm doing reproduction fabrics for mine but it definitely would work in any of your favorite fabrics. Since it is a sampler quilt I'm not giving fabric requirements.  I've gathered about 20 pieces of fabric that I want to use.  I do plan on buying some background fabric so it can "hold 
together" the quilt.  Let me know if you are joining in.

And, on another note.  Does anyone know how to make buttons that folks share to draw attention to their blog or sew along?  I'd like to have one for the bom but I don't have a clue how.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

That's what's happening in my corner of the internet.  Check out Patchwork Times to see what's going on in other places.

Happy Quilting All! 

**** Is it just me or does blogger drive you crazy when you can't keep the space between the lines even?  When I copy and paste the goals I get more space in between.  But all the other text on this post was typed directly into blogger.  And, it isn't all the same distance from the lines above and below. ARGH! Thanks for letting me rant.... b.


  1. Love your quilt as you go baby project. I used the same idea with my Girl Scout troop a few years ago and they loved having a finished quilt at the end of the day. Instant gratification is a nice change from time to time. Love the look of your Carolina Christmas stars. Best of luck getting it worked through eventually. Isn't it funny how some projects just get the better of us?

  2. Blogger is cause for consternation with almost every post I write...LOL! Your Carolina Christmas blocks look fabulous! You did great on your goals last week ... here's to this week's! :)

  3. Blogger is making me crazy too! I guess I have been updated to the new version, even tho I had the option not to..and CLICKED on it! I'm trying to cut scraps too! Seems like I have a problem starting new scrap quilts tho. I think I have 3 going on top of my current WIP! Love the strippy..

  4. I like the baby quilt as you go technique - it would be a good method to use for making doll blankets, too.

    Sorry, I can't help you on the QAL button or the spacing. Let us know if you find out.

  5. Two comments: Have you tried doing the strippy quilts on the longarm? I've seen videos, and plan to try it one of these days.

    I was so frustrated with blogger that I started writing my blog in Windows Live Writer, and it will find the right blog and post to it. It lets you use tables, columns and such. I use the tables - just 2 cells, to keep the writing next to the correct picture. I learned this writing the tutorial for binding. I think you could use a 1 or 2 box table with multiple lines for your goals - using the second box for your comments the next week. Just a thought.

  6. Love the panda's on the charity quilt. And if you wouldn't have said anything, wait even after you said something, I couldn't tell the pink was not the right way, it looks great! Love the Bonnie blocks, I want to do that pattern one of these days, I love it.

  7. What a great construction idea! Gets the piecing and quilting done at the same time!

  8. Love the panda bears in your baby quilt. Good luck with your Carolina stars, what you have done looks great.

    I used this site ( the first time I made a button. Maybe it will help you make your first.


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