Monday, January 23, 2012

Design Wall Monday 1-23-12

Good Morning! 
I'm not showing my design wall today because 1) go to this pic and mentally add 6 more,  and 2) what I am working on I can't show yet. I did get this lonely heart made for a block of the month opportunity. Most months Faithful Circle Quilters (in Columbia, Maryland and where I am still a member) gives us the opportunity to make as many blocks as we want to enter into a drawing.  I try to always do at least one because it is an easy way to USE up fabric with out getting more fabric back.  Well, unless you win the blocks.  They have the option to not have your name in the drawing.  I generally do NOT have my name in the drawing as I have several block sets I've won in the past.  

I finished the borders on my 12 Days of Christmas presented by Temecula Quilt Company. (scroll down to day one, you'll have to click on newer posts to see all 12 days.  When I started to spray baste the quilt to batt it up I decided I show you how I batt my small quilts.  First, I cover my cutting table with lots of paper -- I don't want any adhesive droplets hitting any thing extra. 

I lay out the backing, wrong side up and spray the adhesive over it.  Next I roll my batting up.  With just a little batting loose from the roll I carefully line up one edge and let it down to the batting.  Luckily I can reposition this if I need to.  Then I roll out the batting being careful to not get lumps or air bubbles.

There it is smoothed over the backing fabric.

The top doesn't roll as well so I just folded it over so I was only dealing with a small bit of the fabric first.  For some reason I like working from the bottom up.  I make sure I have enough backing around the edges of the quilt.  Then I unfold the top and smooth it out. 

Here it is all ready for me to hand quilt it.  I am trying Sulky KK2200 Temporary Spray Adhesive.  It comes in a small can but I've been told it lasts as long as the larger cans of other brands.  I always do my spraying in my studio and this one leaves no yucky order.  In fact, you can't smell it. (Or at least I can't.)  The spray comes out in a fine mist which makes it very easy to use.  Hopefully the sprayer part won't clog over time.  The down side is it is temporary.  Evidently it's hold will release within the next few days.  I got 3/4th of this quilted last night so I don't think it will be a problem. 

Last week's goals . . . . YEA! I did pretty well on all of them... 

Week of Jan 16, 2012
Visit Jenny, Brian and Sophia
Finish all blocks for secret project not quite – last 6 blocks in progress
Bind baby quilt-as-you-go √ all done
Make and mail out BOM for Faithful Circle Quilters √ will go in the mail today
Spend 15 minutes a day cutting scraps into usable sizes √ I didn’t do it every time I was up in the studio but most days I spent 20 minutes plus!
Keep the cutting table cleaned off at the end of the day

Week of Jan 23, 2012
Quilt Twister quilt
Quilt 12 Days of Christmas quilt
Sew secret project together
Spend 15 minutes a day cutting scraps into usable sizes
Clean the oven (ok, set it so it cleans itself but I hate the smell of avoid it frequently!) 
Clean top two shelves in the refrigerator (blah!)
Finish putting the rows together of NY Day mystery
Post at least one more blog during the week. 

Forgive me for throwing in housekeeping goals but I figure it will get done if I admit I have to do it. I noticed I haven't been posting many blogs between Mondays so I'm adding that to my goals for the week.  

Here's a new picture of Sophia -- she was cuddling with the cat on her changing table... 

Have you looked at other design walls across the internet?  Check out Judy's Patchwork Times. 

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. Hi Bonnie...I know what you're working on but can't
    Mine is sandwiched and 3/4 of the way quilted. I will email a picture to the group when I'm done.

    I love your red and white quilt. It is adoreable. Hugs

  2. I like how you throw those house work to-do's in there-if it helps get it done I'd do the same!
    I like your 12 days quilt fabric-I don't do much spray basting but thank you for the tutorial-I have a can of it and will try to remember for the next little quilt.

  3. Even without pictures of your secret quilt and the 6 more (baby quilts! or rows?) either way you got a lot accomplished. Best of luck on your list for this week!

  4. Your 12 Days looks great. I love the Sulky adhesive spray -- it's terrific! And what a sweet pic of Sophia and the cat!! :)

  5. I'm a new follower via Denise at Count it all Joy...I'm in love with your precious little Sophie!! I've become a new follower and love your sewing room.aahhhhhhhhh
    Gmama Jane

  6. Congratulations on your 12 Days near finish. I still need to redo a couple of blocks and find the perfect border.

  7. Hi Bonnie, I've joined the blogging world! Check me out if you feel like it. I'm here:
    I'm not sure how often I'll post, we'll see. Love the pic of Sophie!!

  8. I love your weekly goals. Maybe my first goal should be "set some goals for the week." These days I feel good if I just get through the week. I really like your red and white.

  9. I hadn't thought about rolling the batting. That is a good idea. DO you also spray baste your larger quilts?

  10. Thanks for sharing how you baste. One of these days I need to get brave enough to try to do my own quilting. Love the red quilt you have in the demo!

  11. I've always been a bit curious about spray basting. Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

  12. I have used spray basting and found it very helpful. I love the sampler quilt pictured and handquilting sounds very pretty. Good luck with your goalds


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