Wednesday, January 11, 2012

UFOS into 2012

Have you listed your UFOs (unfinished objects) for 2012?  I spent a little time today cleaning up last year's list and adding things I started over year and didn't finish.  From what I remember, I finished 6 UFO's last year.  Some were really old -- 1993.  Some had been started the previous year.  I was happy to wipe those 6 items off my list.  I added a few unfinished projects to the list but I still need to review my project boxes and see if I have any other projects that are being held over.  I think I came up with one less project. 

Here's how I keep track of these UFOs. Hum, try clicking on the photo to see if enlarges.  The last column is for when the project is finished. I have 36 UFOs.  And, the saddest part of the whole thing, I've already started 3 projects this year. One had to go to the back burner almost immediately.  Sigh. 

 Some time over the next few weeks I'll pick 8 or 10 projects to focus on finishing during the year.  I may not get all of them done but hopefully I'll move forward on all of them with at least half getting completed.  

I also will list and print out a list of quilts/patterns I want to make sometime during the year.  I wasn't as successful with that list last year.  I think I had 8 or 10 items on that and I did two.  

I have been diligently working on my secret project.  I have 12 more blocks cut and started.  Somewhere I need to find 2 more pieces of fabric as I need 14 blocks.  (Bummer...) 

I have begun to put the sashing on the 12 Days of Christmas Mystery.  With luck that will be finished tomorrow.  Well, at least the top will be done.  

Hopefully tomorrow I'll get to the studio earlier than I have recently.  To do that I need to go to the Y earlier.  Which means I need to get moving earlier... etc. etc. 

Happy Quilting All!  


  1. Hi Bonnie I just wanted to stop by and let you know I received one of your Quilties from Sandra Kaye's Swap. Thanks so much it is darling and I just posted it on my blog. Happy New Year to you! Hugs Marilou

  2. You have motivated me to make a list of UFOs. I don't have many sewing UFOs, but my knitting list is looong.

    I am still working on my 12 Days of Christmas, too.

  3. That's a great philosophy...that even if they aren't *finished* you hope to have made good progress on them! ME too! :)

  4. have motivated/guilted me into updating my list of ufo's! LOL I know I have a few more to add to it. I am actually kind of afraid to see it with EVERYTHING on it!!!


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