Monday, April 22, 2013

Design Wall Monday 4--22-13

I've been busy working on a table runner and embroidered apron for a charity auction on Wednesday.  I've finished the apron.

Pat picked the design. I bought the apron and then embroidered it. This will be added to some other barbecue type items for the silent auction at the Lion's Club Steer Roast on Wednesday.  

For the past couple of years I've given a lap quilt to the auction.  This year, realizing this crowd isn't really interested in putting out big bucks,  I decided to make a table runner instead.  I pulled out a box of fabrics I won from another blog.  I've been diving into the box over the last year or so but this time I took out yardage, pieces from layer cakes and some squares that had been cut.  Luckily the whole box was a Moda collection that all went together.  I still have to hand stitch the binding down but that won't take me all that long. 

All of these colors are in the paisley print.  I bought a mottled tomato red for the backing.  I'm binding it in the red paisley.  Tomorrow I hand it over.  

By the way, this pattern is easy although exacting as the squares must be the right size to all fit together accurately.  It is a pattern by Atkinson Designs. Yikes! It isn't on Terry's web site any more.  I have had it for a while but had never made it.  So at least I feel great that I used the pattern.  I have lots of patterns I buy and then don't make.  Are you enticed by all the patterns out there?  Do you collect patterns rather than make them?  I sure do.  I do try to make the ones I still like but honestly, there are so many available for free on the internet and to buy at stores and shows I sometimes go wild buying and saving but not making.  

The table runner shot my chances of getting much done on the goals and then we were up visiting Kevin and Aimee over the weekend. 

Aimee and I went to a new quilt store on Saturday.  We both loved it!  It has only been in business for 4 months and it is 10 minutes from their home! I picked up a Moda Marble to use with an older piece of fabric I'm using to make another charity quilt.  You can visit Suzzie's Quilt Shop, in Manassas, by way of her Facebook page.  She has a distinct modern feel to her fabrics.  Don't look for repros at this shop.  Her prices are great! I was looking at the long row of batiks she has.  If I remember correctly none were priced over $11 a good dollar or two less than I've seen recently.  I know I'll be stopping back there the next time I go up.  

Week of April 15, 2013
Quilt my pinwheel charity quilt
Hem the burgundy pants
Figure out a backing for the kitty cat quilt ½ finished
Embroider an apron for the upcoming Lions club auction
Enjoy the weekend at Aimee and Kevin’s – hum maybe Aimee and I could sneak off to a quilt store
Load Jenny’s quilt on Ruthie
Start guild challenge quilt
Prep the rest of the Orange Peel blocks to take with me I sewed some more down but I didn't prep whatever number more I need to make. Sigh.

Week of April 22, 2013
Finish binding auction table runner
Finish the picot edge on the crochet afghan for Natalie
Go to the Fiber Festival in town with Aimee
Load and quilt Jenny’s quilt
Piece the backing for the kitty cat quilt and load it on Ruthie
Start the guild challenge quilt
Start the Small Quilt Chat swap quilt
Bind the pinwheel quilt
Clean house 

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Happy Quilting All! 


  1. The table runner will create some action at the auction. It will add a spark of color on a kitchen table.

  2. I,too, have learned to judge the audience for quilted items. I bet the table runner does well at the auction.

  3. The apron is hilarious!!! I think it was a good idea to make a table runner instead of a quilt, and this is so pretty.

  4. Wow, Bonnie, I checked out Suzzie's on FB. Looks like a great shop. You are one lucky lady to have it so close to you. And I thought you were trying to cut down on your stash. We'll see about that!


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