Monday, May 20, 2013

Design Wall Monday 5-20-13

Do you like paper piecing?  I hated it for the most part until I took Carol Doak's Craftsy class, Mastering Foundation Paper Piecing.  Wow, what a difference that class has made in my paper piecing.  I hated it because I always (I mean all the time) came up with the wrong size fabric to cover the foundation and didn't put it in the right place.  Carol has been teaching her paper piecing methods for years and she knows what she is talking about.  I enjoyed listening to her and I suspect in person she would be sparkling with little stories and comments while teaching.  I am putting most of her ideas to work on my current project. 

Here's what I am working on right now.  I can't tell you much about it as it is a surprise.  I will tell you I am not using the clips the way Carol suggests.  But I think this will work.  If not I'll change them.  

The other big news in the household, is Ruthie has been taken apart for the time being.  Her rails are going out to be powder coated.  And, yippeee!  We found some one right in our own area to do it.  Originally I was planning on transporting them to Manasas to have them done.  

Here's what Ruthie's room looks like now. This is from the window side of the room. 

And here is where that "stuff" came from. 

And that, my friends, is where my new studio will be.  Yep, it is huge!  Just about all that you are looking at is going to be my studio.  You can't see where a storage closet is going.  We have very little storage in the main part of the house -- just closet bedrooms, a the pantry which we enlarged with the kitchen remodel and a set of Ikea shelves in the laundry room, which we also put in.  Hopefully out of season clothes, blankets and quilts can be stored in the climate controlled closet. New windows will be going along the left side.  I am having a hard time getting my mind around how big the space will be and where all my stuff is going.  And, yikes, most of my stuff is on built in shelves and they are staying put.  I'll need to get some new storage units of some kind.  All in good time.  

The good news is the construction will be starting next Tuesday.  Maybe earlier if they decide to work over the weekend.  I need to start cleaning up the current studio with the fabric and Bernina and Featherweight so I can make the move later this summer.  I'll keep you posted.  

WOW! I was very focused this week and got every last one of my goals worked on! Amazing!!! (ok, enough exclamation points...) 

Week of May 13, 2013
Finish quilting FCQ Charity Quilt
Make backing for Kitty Cat quilt
Load and quilt Kitty Cat quilt
Begin small quilt for swap
Figure out Backing for CP charity quilt
Load and quilt CP Charity quilt
Work on strip charity quilt All blocks done, time to sew the rows
Sew flannel block quilt together√ some are sewn together

Week of May 20, 2013
Finish small quilt top for swap
Trim Kitty Cat  quilt
Make binding for Kitty Cat quilt
Continue sewing flannel blocks together
Go visit the Maki’s and celebrate Matt’s graduation

Not many goals this week as we'll be traveling for part of the week.  Plus that secret paper pieced project needs to get finished -- soon!  Maybe even this week.  

Don't forget to visit at Judy Laquidara's Patchwork Times.  I really enjoy surfing quilter's blogs and see what they are working on.  I hope you join me! 

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. Yippee for you! Getting such a big space to devote to your quilting! I'm green with envy.

  2. I LOVE paper piecing! Can't wait to see what you have going there, looks very interesting. But not quite as interesting as a brand spanking new studio! Wow that looks like it's going to be a fabulous space!!

  3. Nice space for your new studio!!! Fun. I am not big on paper piecing though I have done quite a bit of it. I like it for super small projects.

  4. oh you will love your new large space!! I'm excited for you.

  5. Paper piecing is a mighty good thing once you learn a good technique and get lots of practice. I'm jealous (but oh so happy for you) regarding the new sewing space. It's gonna be fantastic.

  6. Oh, I don't know what is better...or that wonderful studio space or all you've gotten accomplished!!

  7. So exciting to get a new quilting space to expand into!


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