Monday, August 19, 2013

Design Wall Monday

Monday rolls around again. And more has been done on the studio.  Today making and installing the design wall is my Design Wall post.  Here's what happened... 
This is a light weight insulating board.  I hope it holds up to a few pins too.  The flannel had to be ironed a bit. 
I used a staple gun to adhere the flannel to the panel.  By the way, we had these cut at Lowe's so we wouldn't have to do it. 
One covered, on to the next.
Pat installing the first board, the second is ready to go. 

Both panels installed and in action. 
You might notice there is another design wall behind the ironing board.  That is one we moved from the previous studio.  I should be able to get most of my quilts on the big design wall.  I don't make huge quilts all the time.  I still like those black, white and bright blocks! 

I wasn't very successful on the weekly goals.  But I did read two or three books this week.  (Which might explain the goals being left undone.) 

Week of August 12, 2013
Finish quilt on Ruthie
Make more lotto blocks and FCQEquilters blocks√ at least the FCQ blocks
Mail blocks off to Pam and Sue√ mailed Sue’s
Make Jenny’s blocks didn’t even open the package
Pick a UFO to work on um, no, didn’t do this either
Enjoy field trip to Ikea

Week of August 19, 2013
Make Jenny’s Block
Make more lotto blocks & FCQEquilter blocks
Mail Pam’s blocks
Sew the binding on Chinese Coin quilt
Make backing for Bumble Bee quilt
Load Bumble Bee quilt and start quilting
Enjoy the grands if they stop by 

That's it for my Design Wall Monday post.  Make sure you visit other design walls by going to Patchwork Times.  

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. Studio looks great and something on the design wall already. I agree those black, white and bright blocks are wonderful. I have the same insulation board for my design wall and pins are not a problem, been up for almost 3 years now and still holds those pins like a charm!!

  2. I need to redo my design wall, too, and will look for this insulation board. Right now I have a "design sheet." :D And what would we do without our lists??

  3. My sister did the same thing in her sewing room. I enjoy sewing with her there because I can put my blocks on the wall. I use the floor at my house.

  4. What a great design wall...I am jealous!


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