Thursday, August 15, 2013

Triangle Thursday #21

Next Door Neighbor
This design is number 1337 in Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns. This is from Gretchen Gutchen’s book The Perfect Patchwork Primer published in 1973. Look for a printable version of the directions here
Cutting directions are for 6”
Number to cut
Triangles both light and dark 
12 each
Use 1 ½” template
Squares (dark) 
Cut 2” x 2” squares

In the big move from the old studio to the new studio my templates for my waste triangles are missing in action.  So instead of cutting and sewing these half square triangles I used half squares triangles I had already sewn.  Several were already trimmed to 2” unfinished.  For the others, I took 2.5” or 3” squares and trimmed them to 2”. 

Here are the pieces that will make up this block. 
I laid the pieces out two different ways.  I took the photos last night and, frankly, this morning I didn’t immediately see the difference. The top pic is totally scrappy.  

This next pic has the geese made from the same color triangles. 

Decide whether you want the blocks scrappy (above) or if you want the flying geese unit color matched.  I chose to match the goose colors.

Sew the pieces into rows. It's best to nest as many seams as you can but I can't tell you which way to iron the half square triangles to succeed, as I didn't succeed very well! 

I ironed the top and bottom row seams to the left and the middle row to the right. Sew the rows together.

It’s almost magic the way this comes together so fast. (Especially if the triangles squares are already done!)   

Happy Sewing All! Bonnie  

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  1. I have some HST that are already made. I'll audition them for this block. Thanks.


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