Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Thread Storage

I've found some place new to store my long arm thread.

This is an old media storage shelf.  We used to keep videos and dvd's on it.  Our great room just doesn't have all that much room for furniture and Raggs used to grab the videos off the shelves.  Really, why am I letting that dog run my life? 

These are large cones and luckily the unit holds all of my collection.  I had a good time putting them in rainbow order.  

Pat made some risers out of left over wood so I can easily see the front and back rows of the thread.  And, because he stained the wood to match the shelving unit you can't really see the risers.  

Here's a closeup of a shelf with two spools out so you can see the riser.  (I had the two cones out as I was quilting with them at the time the photos were taken.) I am really happy how well this worked for me.  If I had lots of thread I'm not sure this would have been so successful.  But as you can see I have room for at least 16 more king cones.  And, no sun light will hit where this is.  

As I put these up I realized I need a few more colors -- like a bright orange! This will be very convenient for me to keep up with what I might need at any time. 

I'm off to spend more time in the studio -- mostly sewing but I hope to spend a  half hour or so putting more things away.  We'll see if I succeed.  

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. I was reading a comment you left on Kathy Quilts. Try the pounce instead of the air dry pen.It has a chalk like substance that comes off with the touch of an iron...but doesn't brush off entirely with your touch. I use to spend hours marking a quilt till I found the Pounce.

  2. Love it! Great idea, great execution. Need it!!

  3. My that looks so pretty! Thread is just as lovely to look at as fabric is.

  4. A great idea - like the extra board, too. It is visually appealing as well as handy.

  5. Your spools look like a chorus of color!


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