Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New Studio -- Cutting Table

Here are a few more pictures of the new studio -- the cutting table. 
Here's the cutting table when we were looking at the house to purchase. Well, we probably had already signed the contract by the time I took these pictures.  (Heck, it's the only one I had with nothing on the cutting table.) 
Pat beginning the process of putting it back together. Front right is mounds of stuff I hadn't put away yet. 
Fitting in the center divider.  The table is currently upside down.  We think this was custom made by a closet company. Don't look too much at the piles of junk supplies in the back ground.  
This top is really, REALLY heavy. I know because I had to carry part of it! Ooolala. My cutting table is almost ready to be used. 
I spent a bit of time trying to decide what to do with my bigger rulers.  I wanted them close to the cutting table.  I have 2 nice ruler racks but I really didn't want them on the close walls because one has a switch in the way and the other is going to be the design wall.  I had a true "light bulb" moment when I realized the rulers could fit in the cutting table, especially if I had a very short shelf.  The 24" rulers stick out a little bit but I haven't had a problem with that as I tend to cut from the other side. (I've pulled them out for this picture.)  I took these while I was cutting fabric & did not clean up the table. 
Here's the left side of it.  Notice I have two shelves now.  Pat made an extra one for each side.  On this, the left side, I'm storing my big rulers -- two 24" long ones, a 12.5" and a 15" square,  and two Shape Cut Pros from June Taylor. Underneath those are projects in progress. 
And, if a shallow shelf worked on one side, why not the other side?  I was all set to move that shelf down but another light bulb went off.  I have a couple of rolls of paper that is 15" wide and then there are rolls of embroidery stabilizer.  I'll only store the most popular stabilizers there. I've got way too many to put there. 
Roll storage top left with a shelf of scraps that need to be cut up and who knows what is under that.  On the right side is  batting storage for the long arm. The windows are behind the cutting table and wow!  The light is pouring in this morning.  I need to get some mini blinds so I can control how much light I get. 
A note on the windows. One thing we really wanted was high efficiency windows. So these five windows are supposedly designed to block damaging sun rays and to keep the heat and cold out.  I will probably do a test with a piece of black fabric to make sure the sun doesn't fade whatever is on the desk. I'll let you know. 
Here's the other side full of unfinished projects.  I need to change where I put the labels on the cases as most are covered by the handles.  Bottom shelf is all embroidery stuff.  Right side which isn't showing much are more unfinished projects. 
Here's a long view of the cutting table from the far side of the studio.  I have two cutting stations set up, my small ruler rack in the center & a few other things I like to have close.  
My great wish is that I keep both cutting stations free of too much clutter.  This smaller side got covered up with project pieces in the other room. As I started to clean off the top so it could be moved I found pieces and bits of projects that were two years old if not older.  Bad me!  I should be pretty motivated to keep it spotless (ok, I really only want it mostly neat) for the time being.

Plans are to get the boards to make a BIG design wall and the shelving for the closet today.  Look for a finished design wall by Monday.  

That's it for this morning. I'm hoping to get a Triangle Thursday post up tomorrow so I need to get the block made!  Happy Quilting All! 


  1. That cutting table is AWESOME!! May I say that little green monster called jealousy is being battled as I write this? Good for you! Have fun!

  2. Wow, a great room AND cutting table! Your studio is truly beautiful.

    My cutting table is always cluttered with items that I bring into the room and "park" on the table. Some items should be ticketed for lapsed time on the parking meter because they rarely move.

  3. The cutting table is really great. You have solid ends on it. I'm not sure how strong they are, but on mine, we added some grid wall store fixtures - not using their attachment devices, but U fasteners that put it really close to the wood. Then I added short and long hooks, depending on the amount of overhang, then hung my rulers. That's the best thing I've done. I had them spread out on both ends, but finally moved most of them to the end I usually cut on. I recently added a narrow piece of grid wall to a bit of regular wall near the cutting table. It holds all my Marti Michell templates and other templates. I'm kind of a "gotta see it" girl, and these make it so handy. I bought all this from a store fixture outlet that also sells to the public. Just a thought as you are trying to find places for everything. I do try to remember how good I have it when I see pictures like this. I don't want to do all that remodeling, I just want 10 more feet added to the quilt room. LOL

  4. love all that storage you have under your fabulous cutting table. Good luck keeping it neat! I tend to pile stuff on my ironing board...


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